Decision Effectiveness


Is Your Gut Leading You Down the Right Path?

Years of experience need to count for something, right?  But is your instinct on what decisions to make regarding the path forward for your business really sending you in the right direction?  By Nature, Humans are Poor Decision-Makers  At a basic level, we process information very quickly and seek out only the information required to validate our thinking.  In the

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Delivering Against Your Priorities

Last week, I had a conversation with a president of a $600 million company and shared with him a tool to help create focus on delivering his priorities. Most executives find themselves still dealing with urgent requests (like audits, daily production meetings, etc.), but not focused on the most important daily leadership activities. This is not all bad, however, when

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The Best Leaders Know How to be Consistent and Flexible

Recently my colleague and I were hosting a one week Leadership Development program for a client where we were speaking to the new leaders on the importance of being both consistent and flexible. These leaders found this notion confusing at first, and concerned about how to live this within their own leadership brand. The question they had for us was how

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Managing the Impact of Change

Managing the Impact of Change | We formed Lighthouse NINE Group to help organizations improve their performance. Through our work, we are acutely aware that nothing creates leadership insomnia more than the strain of dealing with change. At Lighthouse NINE Group, we emphasize a grass-roots approach to managing change, where employee engagement is critical to success. We believe this is the best

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What’s In It For Me?

I love puzzles – I get a real kick out of seeing the pieces and patterns come together. My recent experience (aka obsession) with the game Two Dots TM has helped show me how different generations respond so differently to the same reward. Me, I like to prove that I’ve mastered each level by achieving the goal level three times before

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