Considering Alternative Perspectives

My passion has always been about helping others make better decisions.  I train on it, I consult on it, I speak on it.  I believe that if we make better decisions, we can create a better world.  Never has there been a better time to consider our decisions, or the impact of those decisions, than now.  I have been researching and writing about what gets in the way of making good decisions and one of the roadblocks is our inability to see other perspectives.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video that came from a doctor in New York City, the current epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidel suggests that how we have been treating the virus is wrong.   The need for ventilators has been clearly articulated.  We have heard many news stories speaking to the risk of respiratory failure from this disease.  He suggests that the disease is different than anything he has ever seen and that how we are currently using ventilators may be wrong.  He is trying to save lives and believes there may be a better way.

What do we do with this information?  How do we know if he is correct?  Current science and medical protocols seem to be counter to the information he is providing.  His plea is for a change in mindset.  He is asking his fellow medical professionals to consider using ventilators in a safer way, and with a different method, recognizing that it challenges their current paradigm. 

“That safer method challenges long-held, dogmatic beliefs within the medical community and among lung specialists which will not be easy to overcome but I really believe that they must be overcome.  There are hundreds of thousands of lungs in this country at risk”

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidel

I don’t know if he is right.  However, I hope that others are hearing him and really listening.  It is human nature to hang on to our existing beliefs.  Doctors are not immune to this.  They too have experiences that are shaping their decisions.  Dr.Kyle-Sidel is suggesting that we consider alternatives to our current experience.  He is asking others who are seeing what he sees to speak up and to inform the right decision-makers who can help find the answer and disseminate new information.

“…if we can effectively communicate this to those who are so important but that are not bed side….if we are able to convince them that this is a disease that is different than anything we have ever seen, I am confident that an answer can be found”


He is forthright in saying that he does not know the answer but acknowledges that if we can hear his voice, and the voice of others who are directly seeing these patients, we may save lives.  He is asking us to consider other perspectives.  I hope the world is listening.

Are You Listening?

To the leaders that are currently weathering this storm, and making decisions that will impact you and your teams, are you listening?  Although none of us can know if we are using our resources in the best way, or if we have all the right information, we need to pause and consider the perspectives of others.  We need to consider alternatives.  We can work collectively to make better decisions and create a better world.

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