Pressing Business Need

In today’s fast pace, ever changing world, organizations are looking for that strategic advantage and that advantage exists in its leadership. Our workplaces are also shifting and requiring enhanced EQ in addition to IQ, to activate the potential of these multigenerational and diverse communities.

We deliver client value by beginning with a comprehensive review of the strategy and business needs along with the succession and talent plans and then identify the required competencies and development platforms and support to meet the strategic requirements.

Lighthouse Nine improves the effectiveness of leaders and organizational results by developing high impact leadership programs, supported though a coaching approach and leveraging innovative collaborative technology, that enables leaders to grow. We know how to build talent.

Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organization — Noel Tichy

Our Leadership Architecture

Our Leadership Architecture is a roadmap that begins with understanding and articulating the external influences and organizational imperatives.
This informs the leadership brand, a shared organizational mindset of leadership skills, behaviours and capabilities, required to consistently drive the achievement of your goals.
This brand then drives the definition of leader competencies, systems and development programs.
Aligning strategic intent, the leadership brand and strategy execution in this manner ensures a targeted, holistic leadership development approach.

Released Through Our Coaching Approach

Coaching is the process that helps employees work through behavioral change and can support sustainment of new behaviors and skills. At the core of successful leaders is the ability to coach.
Our offerings provide different approaches to engrain and teach coaching skills as well as allow for individual transformation.
Aligning with each organizations strategic goals and objectives enables greater focus, results and engagement.
Coaching can support new corporate initiatives, new skill sets as well as building a culture that uses a coach approach when leading their teams.

Leadership Assessments and Tools

Development architecture assessment
Competency Library
Window pane program review
Lighthouse Accountability Survey
Competency Development Programs (Leading Across Boundaries, Becoming an Agile Leader, Collaborative Leadership, Crucial Conversions for Business).


Coaching Assessments & Tools

Certified practitioners in multiple assessment tools for both individuals and teams including Hogan, EQi, Enneagram, MBTI, DISC, Kolbe, TAIS and TKI.
Certified practitioners in multiple 360 degree feedback tools including Lominger, EQi, LVI and a customizable verbal 360.


Case Study

Global Tier 1 Consumer Packaging Company
The Lighthouse NINE coach came alongside the GM after completing the strategy design engagement as an executive coach resource. The areas of focus involved Leading Strategic Change, Organizational Agility, Influence Leadership, as well as Cross-cultural Influence. After an in-depth stakeholder assessment, the coaching approach included bi-weekly touchpoints that involved a check-in on the business and problem-solving dialogue on current challenges, change leadership progress and leadership development. The GM benefited from Lighthouse NINE’s real life executive experience, coaching knowhow, and their management consultant’s toolkit. This helped the GM secure North American leadership endorsement, support from the centers-of-excellence and buy-in from the teams to restructure and reprioritize the resources required to succeed.

Canadian National Retailer
L9’s executive coaching has immediate impact.  My coach helped me reflect and assess my priorities and the benefits from their mentoring go beyond your professional career. My coach was highly engaging and genuinely cared about my success.  Thanks for everything!

Global Food Company
My L9 coaches have made a tremendous impact on my personal growth as a person at home/work and in my community. Working with them through team building sessions you can see the engagement and the teams look forward to the next day. Every good coach needs a coach-and Lighthouse 9 will be the guiding light to help your organization adapt and be prepared in our ever-changing environment. Thank you for your support all these years.

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