Pressing Business Need

In today’s fast pace, ever changing world, organizations are looking for that strategic advantage and that advantage exists in its leadership. The build or buy talent decision depends on the strategy and the talent review process.

We deliver client value by beginning with a comprehensive review of the strategy and business needs along with the succession and talent plans and then identify the required competencies and development platforms to meet the strategic requirements. Lighthouse Nine improves the effectiveness of leaders and organizational results by developing high impact leadership programs that leaders enjoy and grow. We know how to build talent.

Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organization — Noel Tichy

Our Approach

We blend our development expertise and with client’s strategic plan to build out the required leadership agenda. Depending on the required agenda scope, we collaborate to identify the leadership competencies, and build high impact Leader programs.
Ideal for fast growing organizations or organizations that realize that the next level of leadership is not ready now; also ideal for companies struggling with misaligned objectives, diminishing or unreliable performance, or outpacing growth.

Assessments & Tools

Development architecture assessment
Competency Library
Window pane program review
Lighthouse Accountability Survey
Competency Development Programs (Leading Across Boundaries, Becoming an Agile Leader, Collaborative Leadership, Crucial Conversions for Business)

Case Study

Power Stream (Barbara Gray– VP Human Resources)
Lighthouse NINE’s assistance was invaluable as we developed our rate submission for the Ontario Energy Board. Their approach to working with the leaders to develop ownership and a future view was interactive and very helpful. I truly enjoyed the process and recommend Lighthouse NINE to any organization eager to improve their leadership perspective.

LVLomas– Sheila Kendall (Director Human Resources)
Lighthouse NINE has played a pivotal role in our lunch and learn development programs for the last 3-years. Their collaborative approach, coupled with their strong leadership experience, infectious energy, and creative thinking, were invaluable.

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