Equipping Leaders For Growth and Resilience

A comprehensive program that enables leaders to drive engagement and deliver critical re-emergence initiatives.

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Equipping Leaders For Growth & Resilience

Why Is This Important

Although we are seeing some optimism with double vaccinations and more openings we continue to live in a world that is ever-changing – that’s not going to change. As we emerge, we are witnessing a significant talent movement and shortages. Almost every study tells us that ‘feeling valued’ and ‘ability to impact’ are the two critical elements to engage and keep your best talent. Equally important to recovery and growth in many organizations will be identifying and accelerating initiatives to enable change. Now more than ever, organizations need leaders who can empathize and empower their teams to support the new and ever-changing dynamics. That is what Equipping Leaders for Growth and Resilience is all about: what we will help your leaders deliver for you.

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What Makes This Program Different

This unique program enables the delivery of a critical business initiative, deepens leadership emotional intelligence and resilience and supports your organization with immediate practical tools and insights to adapt within this VUCA world. This comprehensive, focused and supportive four-month program enables you to:

  • Identify, plan & implement business-critical accelerator projects
  • Retain & engage your top talent through personal coaching and depending on self-awareness
  • Support the success of both the project and your talent in the project delivery with access to experts
  • Broaden perspectives, insight & network through a non-competitive learning cohort
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Program Roadmap

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Program Intentions and Outcomes

Program LaunchTo connect to the cohort to each other, the program content & requirements; the virtual workspace and the faculty/mentors.- Connection to cohort
- Meet Action Learning Quad
- Howspace
Selecting, Planning & Initiating Your Priority Business InitiativeTo identify your most critical problem to solve; acquire best practice tools to plan, engage & launch project. And; to build a practical Go-Forward Plan.- Clear perspective on what needs to be solved and the best option to pursue
- Strategy Cascade completed in assignment
- 90-day action plan or Implementation Roadmap
Delivering In VUCATo enable your plan by determining where and how to focus on delivering the project through prioritization, structural fluidity and both internal and external relationship management.- Complete decision matrices for key strategies
- Complete stakeholder map
- Finalize See-Be-Do-Get Action Plan
Undertanding & Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI)To deepen understanding and advance your emotional intelligence to live, lead and deliver your project, within the ‘new normal."- Individual Emotional intelligence 2.0 report
- Report debrief & coaching from certified coach
Developing a Personal and Team EI PlanTo leverage insights from assessment & coaching to develop a personal and project team EI development plan.- Personal EI Development Plan
- Team EI enhancement Plan
Activating Culture to Drive Engagement & PerformanceTo understand and assess your organization & team culture, to identify and implement the required shifts to advance engagement and performance.- Current & required culture assessment
- Culture enablement plan
- Personal cultural leadership priorities

Meet the Facilitators and Mentors

Greg Smith

Program Cost

  • FHCP Members' Rate
  • $4,900*
  • Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada Members’ Pricing
    *Price Per Person
  • Register after September 10th, 2021
  • $6,500*
  • For registrations after September 10th, 2021
    *Price Per Person


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