Equipping Leaders For Growth and Resilience

A comprehensive program that enables leaders to drive engagement and deliver critical re-emergence initiatives.

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Equipping Leaders For Growth & Resilience

Why Is This Important

These past few years have highlighted a world that is ever-changing – that’s not going to change. We live in a VUCA world; a world made of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Key to recovery and growth in many organizations will be identifying and accelerating initiatives to enable change. Now more than ever, organizations need leaders who can empathize and empower their teams to support the new and ever-changing dynamics. That is what Equipping Leaders for Growth and Resilience is all about: what we will help your leaders deliver for you.

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What Makes This Program Different

The Equipping Leaders for Resilience and Growth Program delivers on the following objectives:

  • Accelerated personal and organizational leadership skills
  • Enablement and building of your top talent with practical coaching and mentoring support
  • Fast track a priority initiative in your business

Each participant’s journey and project will be supported by Lighthouse NINE Group’s expert faculty and 1:1 mentors/certified coaches. Prior to beginning the program, each participant will complete an EQi (Emotional Intelligence Assessment) and will participate in a debrief/coaching session around becoming a Safe Brave Leader.  Each session will develop a participant’s core leadership competency:

Session 1: Teambuilding and Program Kick-off

Session 2: Selecting, planning and documenting your critical business project charter

Session 3: Understanding your key stakeholders & fleshing out your plan

Session 4: Leading with emotional intelligence (EI) & developing a personal leadership plan

Session 5: Enabling the change and engaging others to support the project delivery

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Program Roadmap

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Program Intentions and Outcomes

Program LaunchTo connect to the cohort to each other, the program content & requirements; the virtual workspace and the faculty/mentors.- Connection to cohort
- Meet Action Learning Quad & Mentor
- Howspace
Selecting, Planning & Initiating Your Priority Business InitiativeTo identify your most critical problem to solve; acquire best practice tools to plan, engage & launch project to address the problem. And; to build a clear project charter and Go-Forward Plan.- Clear perspective on what needs to be solved and the best option to pursue
- Project charter completed in assignment
- Project planner/ Implementation Roadmap
Understanding your stakeholders, build an engagement plan & integrate your project planTo enable your plan by determining who are your stakeholders, what you need to do to enable and support your project and incorporate insights as you refine your plan.- Project impact analysis map
- Change assessment
- Stakeholder map
- Communications plan
Preparing to Lead – Activating your EQi/Safe Brave Leadership to deliver the planDeepen understanding of Safe Brave Spaces/ Safe Brave Leadership and integrate insights from EQi assessment to create your personal and team Safe Brave Plan.- Individual safe brave leader development plan
- Team Safe Brave Plan
Building a change/engagement plan to enable the project successTo understand and assess your organization & team culture, change readiness; identify and implement the required shifts to advance engagement and performance.- Current & required culture assessment
- Change readiness
- Engagement/culture/change plan to enable success
Capstone EventPresenting your final project; Final feedback/builds from Cohort; Practice presenting.- Finalized full project plan and pitch
- Practice presenting
- Insights from cohort to strengthen plan and presentation

Meet the Facilitators and Mentors

Greg Smith

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