Pressing Business Need

Organizations today are faced with the ever increasing challenge of maintaining competitiveness, driving profitability, staying ahead of innovation and support increasing customer expectations. The pace of change continues to accelerate and organizations must regularly assess the way they do business in order to achieve their strategic objectives.

Organizational success depends on having the right structure, processes, technology and people working together in an integrated manner. This is Organizational Design. The key is creating full alignment between an organization’s strategic business objectives and their structure. The result is more streamlined operations, better integration and improved business results.

Lighthouse NINE has a proven track record of supporting clients through large scale organizational transformations as well as leading effectiveness initiatives to optimize existing capability and increase ROI. We do this through a collaborative, systematic approach and provide organizations with solutions that fit.

Architecture does not create extraordinary organizations by collecting extraordinary people.
It does so by enabling very ordinary people to perform in extraordinary ways. — John Kay

Our Approach

Organizational Design to align structures to the strategic plan, business goals, value proposition, vision & mandate
Incentive Plan Design to establish and align the desired pay for performance approach in support of organizational objectives
Process, Workflow & Technology Optimization to improve operational performance and ROI by examining the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s most critical operational systems
Decision Rights Effectiveness to assess and organize critical decision making structures and drive faster strategy execution
Governance & Compliance to establish clear accountabilities, controls and standard operating procedures around organizational policies & practices

Assessments & Tools

Organizational Design Models: Galbraith Star Model, Congruence Model, Burke Litwin
DMAIC Approach
Interest Based Relational Approach

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