Digital Facilitation

Are you or your team dealing with technological burnout? Are you looking into flexible work? This is your hub for optimizing digital channels in your organization, debunking misconceptions about flexible work and making the digital work for your team, not against it.


The 5 Myths of Virtual Communication

“Can you hear me now?” seems to be the rally cry of every meeting in 2020.   The need for virtual communication took us by storm when COVID-19 forced us into isolation.  We were locked in our homes, reliant on technology like never before.  The pace of change was staggering and the learning curve was massive. The request for virtual options

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Technology Burnout?

If you are like me, trapped in your house, trying to work, you are getting inundated with offers to learn about new digital tools.  As I was finalizing the content for our upcoming webinar, I realized the challenges many of us are facing.  We have been suddenly thrust into a world where we must RELY on digital technology to get

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5 Misconceptions About Flexible Working

How to navigate the work/life balance trend With many organizations trying to attract and retain young talent remote work is on the rise, in fact over the next 7 years millennials will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce ( 2017) with Gen Z hot on its heels.  Despite the allure of freelance or consulting roles the recent Deloitte Millennial Survey

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