Managing Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

Leader Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Managing Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Brochure

Why This is Important

We recognize that every business is in a different place somewhere between barely surviving to can’t keep up. All of our clients are experiencing significant stress both individually and collectively, heightened emotions and constant change.

To support enhance resilience and fluidity in managing within this environment we are combining our virtual facilitation expertise with our deep experience in coaching, emotional intelligence and employee experience. In addition to building customized solutions, our most commonly requested program is the Leader Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Workshop.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced self-awareness around personal emotional intelligence and response patterns
  • Deeper knowledge of resilience and the current stressors, external & internal barriers and impact it in ourselves and others
  • Tools and strategies to strengthen personal resilience and support others

Typical session structure

  • Pre-session > EQi leadership assessment taken and debrief conducted by a certified coach
  • 2.5 hour virtually facilitated session on Resilience and EQ
  • 45 minutes ‘Insight to Action’ coaching session post-session

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