Insights & Organizational Accountability

Pressing Business Need

Insight into action is the trigger to turn strategy into execution and execution into enhanced performance. The ability for businesses to understand and measure their key drivers, isolate opportunities and optimize their data is becoming increasingly important to sustain competitive advantage. To truly ensure accountability throughout an organization, these insights and measures must live within processes, be encouraged by curious leaders and enable better decisions every day.

“Learn from yesterday, love for today, hope for tomorrow. The important things is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

Our Approach

We identify the pain points and gaps in the flow of information related to achieving your strategic objectives.
We identify the questions, supporting insights and measures of success (KPIs) that help you measure the success of your business and identify areas for improvement. We create frameworks to help you build a sustainable view of these.
We help to simplify and synthesize all relevant data to help you generate action.  We consider your people, market conditions, consumer research,  as well as supplier and customer needs and constraints.
We build analytical capability through training, coaching and mentoring. We help your organization to make better decisions.

Assessments & Tools

Gap analysis on data, tools and process pain points
Process mapping and template creation
KPI development and alignment
Size of prize and route to market assessments
Trade spend heat mapping and promotional effectiveness reviews
P&L deep dive and cost savings isolation
Analytical skillset evaluation and development planning
Business acumen, fact based selling and decision making training
Planogram design and principle definition
4P Assessment – Product, placement, promotion and pricing

Case Study

Defining an Insights Framework with a Manufacturer in the Construction Industry

The objective of this project was to understand the core business drivers and to enable the organization to use data more effectively.  The first step was a full analysis of their business, followed by defining the required business measures.  We used this to develop and align KPIs, dashboards and processes.  Ultimately, this improved visibility to the data, provided consistency across measures and enabled the teams to develop strategies and deploy tactics supported by fact.

Route to Market and Distributor Scorecard with a Global Chemical Manufacturer

This business was evaluating their current global go-to-market model, trying to decide which markets to focus on and whether to sell direct or via distributors. We conducted an analysis across all continents and developed a model to determine market potential; risks and opportunities of each. We also created and deployed a distributor scorecard for the sales team to utilize to help them align on common evaluation criteria and isolate those distributors that were performing and not performing.

Profitability and Process Improvements in a Not For Profit Packaged Goods Company

We worked with this not-for-profit co-op to firstly understand the drivers of their business performance and then to identify processes that were inefficient on missing. We reviewed in depth the financial measures and the pain points within each core process. We then worked with the team to create an action plan to implement the identified changes and put measures in place to measure improved efficiency and growth.

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