Hybrid Leadership / Virtual Leadership

Working in hybrid teams and leading virtually will be part of the “next normal”. Hybrid teams and virtual working will require new approaches, new mindsets, and new ways of working. 75% of workers are indicating a preference for a mix of remote and office-based working in the future1. Hybrid working is here to stay. As leaders, we need to re-think our approach, adjust our style and work together with our teams to redefine how we will succeed as a hybrid team and how you will lead virtually.

To be a high-performing team in this hybrid/virtual work world, teams need to work together differently. We have identified 6 key areas of focus to help prepare you to lead your team through hybrid/virtual working using knowledge, action, and inquiry.

  • Being flexible and equitable
  • Managing for accountability
  • Creating connectivity and inclusivity
  • Developing together
  • Sharing gratitude and recognition
  • Leading with empathy

We believe working in a hybrid is not a problem to solve but a polarity to manage. If you need support in enabling your leadership or your employees to excel in a hybrid/virtual working environment let us know. We are here to help you manage through to the next normal with targeted toolkits, coaching, skill building, and team development.



1 Re-Architecting Work Models – Deloitte

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