Pressing Business Need

The Sales function is the gas to any organization’s economic engine; all organizations exist to sell a product, service, affinity, or some combination thereof. When the Sales function is not operating at peak effectiveness, in other words reliably achieving the desired result with an appropriate level of time, effort and resources, it jeopardizes the business critical functioning of the rest of the economic engine.

We deliver client value by enhancing sales confidence through the delivery of consistent, predictable results that are focused on the organization’s goals. Lighthouse Nine improves the effectiveness of clients’ selling efforts through a systematic approach that starts with the customer and reverse integrates through Sales. We know how to build Go-To-Market Strategies that drive accountability, authority and commitment into the business of sales. Ultimately, we help organizations focus an overwhelming concentration of force against common objectives for outstanding results.

Sales Effectiveness involves the 1st Rule of the Battlefield – apply an over concentration of force against a common objective

Our Approach

We blend our sales expertise and IP with client’s subject matter knowledge to build out the required SFE agenda. Depending on the required agenda scope, we collaborate to build the Go-To-Market strategy, signature selling processes, required competencies and skills, accountability climate, and optimal incentive design.
Ideal for sales teams entering new markets or periods of rapid expansion; also ideal for teams struggling with misaligned objectives, diminishing or unreliable performance, or selling expense inflation outpacing growth.

Assessments & Tools

Lighthouse NINE Sales Effectiveness Framework
Playing to Win Strategic Design, OGSM Strategy Model
Blue Ocean 4-Action Framework
Trade Investment Optimization Dashboard
Lighthouse Accountability Survey
Competency Development Programs (Relationship Management, Negotiation 101, Negotiation 201, Crucial Conversions for Business, Selling as a Trusted Advisor)
Sales Competency Model & Talent Health Score Carding


ConAgra Foods Canada (Ian Roberts – General Manager)
Lighthouse NINE’s consultation was invaluable as I developed my Sales department strategic plan and structure. Dave provided an excellent array of tools, process, and personal experiences to our discussions, enabling us to build quickly, create focus, remove ambiguity and ensure the structure supported forward needs. I truly enjoyed the process and recommend Lighthouse NINE to any department lead eager to improve or recraft their strategic plan and department structure.

RSA Insurance – Atlantic Unit (Regional Vice President)
Lighthouse NINE was pivotal in guiding the development of our 3-year sales strategy. Their structured, collaborative approach, coupled with their strong engagement, infectious energy, and creative thinking, were invaluable. They consistently worked to challenge our thinking and open our minds beyond the confines of what we know today. Further, the additional coaching given to members of my team helped to solidify this new mindset. We’re on the path–thank you, Dave and Marnie!

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