Mental Health Solutions

Mental Health is becoming an increasing challenge in the workplace. One in five employees will suffer from depression and one in three employees will find that they will require assistance to manage mental health at some point during their working career.

Mental Wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing when it comes to prevention and support for employee productivity.

A customized approach to mental health in the workplace means that organizations can have the peace of mind to know that employees can have the support that they need when life happens and they become distressed.

Prioritizing and addressing mental health in the workplace is the right thing to do for your employees, and for your bottom line. When done effectively, the potential impacts to your business include higher performance, lower absenteeism and reduced disability costs.

  • 30% of disability claims in Canada are due to mental illness, accounting for 70% of all disability costs
  • The cost of disability leave for mental illness is about double the cost of leave due to physical illness
  • It’s estimated that by 2041, the cumulative cost of mental illness in Canada will be $2.5 trillion


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