Digital Facilitation

Our Philosophy

We are expert facilitators; either in person or virtually.  We know how to harness the energy and know-how of your people to create an enthusiastic and capable community.

Technology offers organizations the potential to increase connectivity and responsiveness and to align globally, while also enabling local implementation. Online facilitation doesn’t have to be a compromise. Done right, and depending on your priorities it is beneficial as a stand-alone solution or in support of our ‘in-person’ approach.

Our Core Tools

We have a number of engaging tools that allow teams to come together, work both independently and together (asynchronously and synchronously as necessary) to support your needs.  These allow teams to engage, interact and co-create.

These are not the only tools that accomplish these tasks and we will adapt our technology to suit you. The value we offer is never in the tool. The value we offer is in supporting and engaging your teams to achieve common objectives. We love bringing people together. We are passionate about collectively driving meaningful change.

Making Digital Facilitation Work: Case Studies

Employee Townhalls

We worked with this pharmaceutical company to run a virtual townhall for all employees. Normally this leadership team would run these sessions as a hybrid of in-person for office staff and virtual for remote teams. We made this session interactive by using Mentimeter to create polls throughout the townhall to engage the group. Participation in these polls was nearly 100%. Remote teams appreciated the opportunity to be allowed to participate in line with their in-person counterparts. Overall contributions were much higher than a typical town hall and feedback about the session was extremely positive. They intend to run every session virtually from now on.

Strategic Development Workshops

This healthcare service was in the process of re-evaluating and evolving their current strategy when in office participation became impossible.  We utilized Howspace to bring the group together virtually both in the form of pre-work and online sessions over Zoom.  These tools allowed the team to be interactive and co-develop the revised strategy.  The session included breakout rooms and opportunities to contribute in written form and with robust dialogue.  Leadership felt the sessions were very engaging and were very happy with the insights that came from the sessions.


We worked with an association that wanted to bring together a group of HR leaders to discuss current challenges and share best practices. We scheduled monthly sessions to bring these groups together virtually. We balanced the use of various tools, including Mentimeter and Zoom features to capture large groups of feedback at once and then to narrow in and discuss the topics most relevant to them. This allowed us to hear the voice of everyone and also to have rich discussions.

Interactive Webinars

We hosted a webinar for over 189 participants as part of a medical association to talk about the techniques to improve virtual collaboration.  The communication was set up to be primarily one-way communication, with two presenters as panellists.  We utilized Zoom Webinar for this purpose.  To enhance learning, we also engaged the participants with polls and comment capture using Mentimeter.  In addition, we allowed for Q&A to ensure the learning objectives were met.  The association received positive feedback from the session and are looking to offer similar webinars to add value back to their members.

Process Mapping

This manufacturing client was looking to map out three key signatures processes.  We used IdeaFlip to brainstorm all the steps that take place for each process and used colour coding with different sticky colours for each functional owner.  The group then used virtual dots to identify the pain points.  The tool allowed us to move stickies and create new ones to map out the full desired process.

Table Group Breakout Sessions

We were asked by a professional networking group to host and support their annual mentoring session.  Normally this is in-person, whereby small table groups would discuss a key topic supported by mentors.  Rather than cancel their event, they asked us to run the session virtually. In session, we welcomed 70+ participants and then assigned them to 11 different pre-assigned small groups using the Zoom breakout function.  This allowed the virtual session to replicate the in-person experience.  Mentors shared back that they had a rich dialogue within their small groups.

Virtual Summits

Typically, every year, this organization brought together leaders across North America to work together on a common objective.  This year’s theme was collaboration.  To save on travel costs, they decided to conduct the gathering online.  We developed a program that included both synchronous and asynchronous touchpoints.  Initially, they were engaged using Recollective, which gathered feedback on the priorities for the session.  For the virtual sessions, we used Howspace to engage them in dialogue about the topic and walk them through a pre-defined template.  The teams were then asked to complete the template over the course of a few days and then return to share back with the larger group.  The balance of online and offline time kept the team engaged and allowed them to co-develop a plan for future focus.

Virtual Half Day Training

This government organization had a clearly laid out training and development calendar for the year when COVID hit. They were required to shift all live training to virtual training. We adapted a previously live delivered half-day session into a 3-hour virtual session. In doing so, we reduced content whilst retaining core learning objectives and embedded additional incremental interactive touchpoints into the session using the Zoom annotation functionality. Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive.


We were asked by this association to provide fully asynchronous training for their members. Using the platform Moodle, we developed a full 12-week curriculum that included multi-media course work (videos & readings), weekly discussions, quizzes, and role-plays.  We facilitated the recorded video learnings and live virtual role-plays using Zoom. We coordinated calendars with participants using Acuity Scheduling. The training allowed the participants to engage across the platform at their leisure but within structured timeframes. It also provided credits towards the association’s accreditation.

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