Dave Campanella

David Campanella co-directs the Strategies for Growth practice at Lighthouse NINE in Toronto and joins forces with his L9 colleagues in the areas of Sales Force & Supply Chain Effectiveness, High-Performance Teams, Change Management, Organizational Design, as well as Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.During his 20+ years’ corporate experience, Dave energized commercial efforts by creating highly focused teams as CCO for Smooth Commerce (a SaaS company in the digital commerce and engagement space), VP of Sales at Mars Canada, RVP at Saputo, and also while at the Campbell Soup Company. As a Partner and consultant at Lighthouse NINE, he has been a trusted advisor and business strategist in numerous industries for firms such as ConAgra Brands, SC Johnson, Molson Coors, Smooth Commerce, SNDL, RSA Insurance, Shopper Intelligence, and LEO Pharma and CVRX Medical Devices.Dave is known for crafting effective Go-To-Market strategies by zeroing in on key challenges, envisioning success, and deploying talent to create signature systems that keep teams engaged, accountable, and on track with the company’s goals. He has an engaging enthusiasm to create High Performance Teams – marked by a clear focus on common goals, healthy communication and conflict, and an agility of action.At Lighthouse NINE, extraordinary relationships with clients are built on truly attentive service. Dave and his L9 colleagues stay directly engaged with their clients in all project phases – from initial assessment through to execution. Their unwavering focus is on delivering consistent, lasting results and blowing expectations out of the water.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset; How to be a Better Leader (With Examples)

According to General Systems Theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, attitudes, methods, or beliefs held by a person or groups of people. A mindset is a mental gatekeeper set up to protect and guide us.

All Ideas, Decisions And Actions Are Run Through Our Mindset.

Our mindset originates in the potential we see around us. Do we see danger or opportunities? How do we interpret what we see coming? What potential outcomes do we imagine?

Our perspective affects our actions, and those actions create results that reinforce our beliefs, strengthening the thought rhythm of our mindset.


Flexing The Demand Muscle

The Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry now faces numerous challenges as it emerges from the Pandemic; harsh trading relationships, strained success formulas, the inability to recover costs through price increases, a challenging social-economic landscape, and regulatory constraints on growth. To reignite growth and motivate marketers and salespeople, it is imperative you: (1) foster a new growth mindset, (2) re-evaluate your understanding of consumers, (3) sell for availability, (4) negotiate with a merchant banker mindset, and (5) pursue breakthrough business models at a much faster pace.


Have you tried ChatGPT yet?

A client of mine is looking to make the transformation from a functional leader to the C-suite. To ground the development plan, I decided to create a leadership benchmark to which he could strive. While I have some tested perspectives on the subject, I wanted to create a comprehensive Leadership Archetype with input from some of the top thought leaders.

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6 Months Into The Pandemic Effect, How Do I Re-engage My Team?

In March I was adamant that the economic lockdown and the work-from-home situation would be over by May. Well, here we are in August still waiting on the conditions for a meaningful return-to-office. To be fair, some of my clients have started a staged movement in that direction, while many do not foresee returning to the office until the new

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During Crisis, Focus on ‘What is’ versus ‘What if’

There are always people and businesses who emerge as leaders instead of victims during crisis. Which will you be when you look back on Covid19 at the end of the year? I received some excellent advice recently from my Psychologist wife about the need to focus on what you can control when everything around you seems increasingly uncertain, and decidedly

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The Coming Technological Disruption and What to Do

A convergence of advancements will cause extensive disruption to business-as-usual; no industry will be spared the effects of what is coming; and, what is coming, is coming fast. “The train has already left the station.” This was the reply to my point that 40% employment attrition from rapid technological advancements would cause upheaval greater than the Industrial Revolution ushered into

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Is Your Company Reorganizing? 5 Steps for Thriving Through the Change

In my consulting work I am often involved in creating organizational change, and then directly confronted by the challenges surfaced as I coach managers and executives through the transition. Over time, I have concluded that there are five key actions people need to consciously perform in order to manage significant change. If followed, these will vastly improve your chances of

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Think You Want a Culture of Accountability?

So you think you want a culture of accountability? Well that’s great! There is a significant amount of evidence that organizations with accountable people have higher engagement and performance; simply Google “link between accountability and performance” and you will have over 100,000 articles to validate this point. But let’s assume your “gut” instinct is already there, and the promise of

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HPT – High Performing Teams Are No Myth

I owe much of my discipline and work ethic to my early football experiences. I know many people may not relate, but the grid-iron taught me more than how to compete in sport. The most successful team I played on was my senior varsity team, which went to the provincial championships. Our success was not just a factor of collective

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