Last week, I had a conversation with a president of a $600 million company and shared with him a tool to help create focus on delivering his priorities.


Create Focus

Most executives find themselves still dealing with urgent requests (like audits, daily production meetings, etc.), but not focused on the most important daily leadership activities. This is not all bad, however, when it comes to proactively thinking, planning and executing against the top priorities of the organization or the business unit, leaders are not carving out the time required, often working on these key elements after hours or on weekends.

This executive acknowledged that creating focus and spending a significant time on the most urgent and important activities is a lost skill. Check where you stand against what the experts suggest.

Where are you spending your time?

Take a moment and identify where you are currently spending your time and where the experts say you should be.

Where are you spending your time?

The “Individual – Three Week Look Ahead” tool will help you bridge the gap and create focus to ensure you start working on those Urgent and Important priorities now:


Start Working on the Urgent and Important Priorities

To Download the Three Week Look Ahead Tool, Click Here

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