Culture and Engagement


Seeking and Enabling Safe Brave Spaces

Safe Brave Space is not a thing or a destination, but rather a state of being and relating. It isn’t something that you achieve but rather something that you continually create. Over the past six months, I have been writing my first book ‘Seeking and Enabling Safe Brave Spaces.’  The book has been brewing over the past few years, beginning

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You Are The Competitive Advantage!

Now more than ever, those in leadership positions in every single organization are being judged by their workforces.  How we lead people through times of change and turbulence says a lot about us as leaders.  Imagine if you were so effective as a leader that you were able to be your organization’s competitive advantage?  Attracting and retaining the best talent

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What – No Thank You?

Has our obsession with efficiency rendered the thank-you obsolete? How many of you drop a quick thank-you note after a colleague has supported you? How many of you don’t? And how many of you believe that it doesn’t even matter and have never thought twice about it? (Be honest now…) We are all so busy that sometimes a thank-you feels

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Shifting From Performance Management to Performance Enablement (Video)

The annual performance process continues to be the primary tool for setting, directing and supporting performance in the majority of organizations despite significant evidence over a period of more than 20 years that it does not work. In this video, I share some tips on how to shift from Performance Management to Performance Enablement. Insanity is doing the same thing

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Everything Happens In-between

“The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is a reaction, both are transformed” C. J. Jung Over the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people in some incredible companies. As I reflect on my work and personal experiences I believe the most essential ingredient to success

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Five Critical Components to Being a Purposeful Organization

At Lighthouse NINE we are driven to ignite new possibilities by increasing people’s confidence and unlocking unexpected potential. We get excited by enabling people to achieve meaningful impacts through themselves and others and are inspired by organizations who create space for people to succeed. As we have worked with these purposeful organizations, we have come to discover the following five

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Digital Transformation Starts With Cultural Transformation

One of the key components of Digital Transformations is how to use technology as a means to better understand the customer and improve the end-to-end experience. In a recent webinar, Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research shared some startling facts about how companies are defining and executing against their digital strategies. He shared that although 48% of firms have

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Tapping into Your Most Trusted Resources

Employees – Your Most Trusted Resource We recently attended a conference showcasing the results of the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer. Most of the results shared focused on a decline in trust across business and government. This is not likely a surprise to you, nor was it to us. However, a key finding that did resonate with us here at Lighthouse

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Culture Change: The Messy Process of Measuring the Unmeasurable

Your corporate culture is the collective pattern of values, behaviours, and the unwritten rules of your organization.  It is how your organization truly operates and it is critical to your success. There has been a lot of literature over the years focused on helping companies define or harness their corporate culture but have we determined how to truly measure, and

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Values in Action

Organizations often embark upon a journey of value definitions with very good intentions. All eyes are focused on the destination – a list of value words or phrases that are framed, put on websites or included in email signature lines. Too often we see the work and effort fade away once they’ve moved on to the next ‘must have’ item

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