Culture and Engagement


Everything Happens In-between

“The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is a reaction, both are transformed” C. J. Jung Over the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people in some incredible companies. As I reflect on my work and personal experiences I believe the most essential ingredient to success

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Five Critical Components to Being a Purposeful Organization

At Lighthouse NINE we are driven to ignite new possibilities by increasing people’s confidence and unlocking unexpected potential. We get excited by enabling people to achieve meaningful impacts through themselves and others and are inspired by organizations who create space for people to succeed. As we have worked with these purposeful organizations, we have come to discover the following five

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Digital Transformation Starts With Cultural Transformation

One of the key components of Digital Transformations is how to use technology as a means to better understand the customer and improve the end-to-end experience. In a recent webinar, Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research shared some startling facts about how companies are defining and executing against their digital strategies. He shared that although 48% of firms have

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Tapping into Your Most Trusted Resources

Employees – Your Most Trusted Resource We recently attended a conference showcasing the results of the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer. Most of the results shared focused on a decline in trust across business and government. This is not likely a surprise to you, nor was it to us. However, a key finding that did resonate with us here at Lighthouse

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Culture Change: The Messy Process of Measuring the Unmeasurable

Your corporate culture is the collective pattern of values, behaviours, and the unwritten rules of your organization.  It is how your organization truly operates and it is critical to your success. There has been a lot of literature over the years focused on helping companies define or harness their corporate culture but have we determined how to truly measure, and

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Values in Action

Organizations often embark upon a journey of value definitions with very good intentions. All eyes are focused on the destination – a list of value words or phrases that are framed, put on websites or included in email signature lines. Too often we see the work and effort fade away once they’ve moved on to the next ‘must have’ item

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It’s Time to Change the Conversation on Equality and Diversity

While in recent decades there have been huge strides towards creating gender equality in terms of education, health and workforce participation, the gap in annual earnings between men and women has barely budged over the last two decades.  For too long the discussion on the role of women in business was seen as a philanthropic issue often with leadership development

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What is Your “Go-To” Conflict Mode?

I recently worked with a leadership team who was striving to improve their collaboration.  They had a consistent pattern of decision-making that did not encourage or even allow for collaboration on crucial business imperatives.  Many thought that this pattern was a result of the work/pressure/stress they were under.  This was only partially true. There are some key ingredients required to

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Making the Shift from Telling to Listening – How to Talk to Your Team about Change

I recently had a client comment that the most valuable role their leader played during a change in their organization was “patiently listening to me, not correcting or defending, just listening to me as I worked to come to terms with the change”.  The employee was able to move forward as a result of the effective listening skills demonstrated by

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Is Management Engagement Different than Employee Engagement?

Interesting question. At first blush, many of you would say no. And for the most part, you would be correct. Engaging employees at every level and every area of the company is what engagement is all about. However, the opportunity exists for organizations to go one step further and maximize middle managers as the conduit for nurturing employee engagement. Middle managers

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