Growth & Brands

This collection of articles focuses on business growth and brands who have done it well and brands that have learned the hard way. As you reflect on your organization and approach growth, think about what goals are you setting for your team, how can you align your team to your organization’s objectives and how improving people can affect growth.


Succession Tsunami: Setting Up For a Successful Transition

Today, as baby boomers enter retirement age, over $2 trillion in business assets are at stake as most small business owners plan to exit their business over the next decade. In their survey, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that only 9% of business owners have a formal business succession plan. Small businesses are the heart of any economy;

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Flexing The Demand Muscle

The Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry now faces numerous challenges as it emerges from the Pandemic; harsh trading relationships, strained success formulas, the inability to recover costs through price increases, a challenging social-economic landscape, and regulatory constraints on growth. To reignite growth and motivate marketers and salespeople, it is imperative you: (1) foster a new growth mindset, (2) re-evaluate your understanding of consumers, (3) sell for availability, (4) negotiate with a merchant banker mindset, and (5) pursue breakthrough business models at a much faster pace.


What Goals Are You Setting For Your Teams?

“Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate and to connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.” Which business academic said that? Actually it was Oprah Winfrey, who as we know runs a very successful business and has connected successfully with millions. Quoted by Daniel H. Pink in his book, ‘A

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Is Putting People First Really Important?

‘Jim Hamerling said in his Ted Talk “5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change” that this was the era of ‘always-on transformation’. We continue to hear organizations talk about ‘too many initiatives’, ‘change fatigue’, ‘the Head Office is not listening’, and ‘this is just a downsizing being called a transformation’. As Jim observes ‘always-on transformation’ sounds exhausting. How

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The Network Imperative is Human

Recently much has been made of ‘big data’, the ‘internet of things’, the importance of ‘extra organizational networks’ in business. Business 4.0. The fundamentals of these dialogues are terrific but are based on one fundamental principle, connectivity. Connectivity increasingly requires technology as an enabler, but it is often presented as an end in itself. The most valuable asset in any

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The Shortening of Business Lifespans

It is a well-trodden cliche to talk about business transformation, using the examples of Blockbuster Video versus Netflix, AirBnB versus hotel booking sites and UBER versus taxis. In the end, business is about growth. Growth is about building value through people and brands. Sounds simple. Based on the S&P 500, the lifespan of a company in 1960 was 61 years.

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