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Warren Sarafinchan joins Lighthouse NINE Group to collaboratively lead the firm’s Sales Force and Supply Chain Effectiveness practice. He will also serve clients in the areas of Change Management, Strategy & Alignment, and High-Performance Teams. Warren’s career has included senior Sales, Supply Chain and IT roles with some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies. Warren has held cross-functional,

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When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Leader?

I recently asked this question of a very successful leader, “when did you know you wanted to be a leader”? Her response was, without hesitation, “when I was five. My friends told me I was bossy – I knew what we were going to do and just started organizing the other kids to get it done – that was an

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Greg Smith Appointed to Partner

Greg Smith joins Lighthouse NINE Group to head up the Leadership Development and Coaching Practice Greg is a senior business leader who has thrived in challenging business environments for more than 25 years while achieving results that are in line with the required strategic and cultural transformation. His multiple industry experience and expertise in strategy formation, organizational design, leadership development and

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Marnie Smith appointed Managing Partner at Lighthouse NINE Group Consulting

Lighthouse NINE Group, a leading strategic consulting firm, is delighted to announce the election of Marnie Smith as its new Managing Partner, effective January 1, 2017. Marnie has been a Partner of the firm since 2009 and leads Lighthouse NINE’s High Performing Teams and Change Management practice. She has extensive experience in all aspects of Organization Design and Effectiveness, Team Development,

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Customized Leadership Development

Customized Leadership Development is More Effective and Cheaper Than You Think  Recently, I was speaking with an organizational leader who wanted my opinion on which way to go with his training, buy an off-the- shelf training solution or build a custom development program?  Interesting question, right? I was about to provide my perspective when he went on to share that

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Delivering Against Your Priorities

Last week, I had a conversation with a president of a $600 million company and shared with him a tool to help create focus on delivering his priorities. Most executives find themselves still dealing with urgent requests (like audits, daily production meetings, etc.), but not focused on the most important daily leadership activities. This is not all bad, however, when

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New Performance Discussion Toolbox for Managers

A few weeks ago, in our blog titled “Hottest Trends in Performance Management – TREAD CAREFULLY!“, we touched on the New Performance Discussion Toolbox for Managers. We had a few individuals reach out to understand better what might be included in this toolbox, and we wanted to share this with you. What Managers need in the New Performance Discussion Toolbox

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Hottest Trends in Performance Management – TREAD CAREFULLY!

In recent years, we have seen some organizations rush to re-create their NEW Performance Management System (PMS) or something similar, straight off the Harvard Business Review press that discusses the negatives of old school performance management systems. In doing so however, you need to tread carefully. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water! To use a phrase from many

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Lighthouse NINE Group Invests in Core Belief

Lighthouse NINE Group, one of Canada’s leading independent management consultancies, was founded on a belief of ‘Improving Organizational Performance Through People’. As the firm has grown, that founding belief has grown and developed in all Practice areas, including Coaching and Executive Coaching.At the end of July 2016, the firm completed the journey of ensuring all Partners have Executive Coaching designations,

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The Best Leaders Know How to be Consistent and Flexible

Recently my colleague and I were hosting a one week Leadership Development program for a client where we were speaking to the new leaders on the importance of being both consistent and flexible. These leaders found this notion confusing at first, and concerned about how to live this within their own leadership brand. The question they had for us was how

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