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We formed Lighthouse NINE Group to help organizations improve their performance. Through our work, we are acutely aware that nothing creates leadership insomnia more than the strain of dealing with change. At Lighthouse NINE Group, we emphasize a grass-roots approach to managing change, where employee engagement is critical to success. We believe this is the best way to reduce resistance and increase ownership, resulting in more effective change.

All organizations deal with change, some well, some not.

Consider this… Apple is currently the world’s most valuable company and over two thirds of its revenue is generated by products that did not exist before 2000… now think Blockbuster. A Look Back at Why Blockbuster Failed (Forbes Tech – Sept 2014)

The unyielding reality is that change impacts every aspect of management, and the pace of change in our markets and workforces is only accelerating. It is enough at times to send leaders scrambling for the exit.

Since it would be managerial suicide to stick your head in the sand we decided to create this space to offer you our thoughts and insights on how to manage the impact of change on your organization.  We hope that some of what you may read will help you, your people and your business on this journey to creating greater value in spite of what changes are happening around you. 

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day” – Frances Hesselbein

Thanks for reading and please give us feedback, make comments, ask questions and let us know what topics are of concern for you or how you’ve dealt with a specific organizational challenge.

Whatever you do, keep calm and carry on!

Originally published in 2013.

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