Why Are We So Scared to Build Change Skills?

Imagine yourself as a leader inviting your team to a training session on effectively managing change.  You have the best intentions.  You want your team to understand change; how to effectively lead, manage and excel during change.  You announce the training to your team and BOOM!  The rumour mill is awash with stories of pending changes, each one more outlandish

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A Call to Canadian Packaged Goods Companies: “Stop talking trade spend, start acting trade investment”

In March when Loblaw announced it had completed the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart, I read many articles where industry watchers prognosticated how great the merged company would be for Canadian consumers. My point of view was quite different. Leading up to this moment we have seen a long trend of Canadian retailer consolidation from over 20 with scale, to

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The Risk Of Assessment Tools

I recently asked a group, ‘By a show of hands, how many of you have ever printed off a tool, an assessment, or an online quiz and given it to your team to fill out, with the hope of doing some team building or getting them to understand each other better?’ Lots of hands went up. Then I asked, ‘How

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Readying Your Sales Organization for the New Hunt: “The Empowered Customers”

Most of us work in an era where our customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and empowered. Empowered customers possess the information to identify what they need and the range of options available to them, they possess personnel skilled in cost and (project) risk management, and many implement networked decision making. Any combination of these dynamics makes selling to empowered customers

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Talent Management – Un-cluttering the Noise

There is so much noise in the marketplace around talent management – what it entails, how to implement, how to track, what to do with the information and what approach is most effective. So what do we really need? There are 3 key areas of focus required to ensure successful talent management: Organization Knowledge Management Strength and Courage Effective Processes

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The ROI of Executive Coaching

Coaching has been around for quite a while now. Executive coaching as such, is not new. This type of coaching has become more popular as organizations realize that becoming a leader is not second nature. Principles must be taught, and skills must be honed. This is why many organizations have turned to individualized coaching. One-on-one professional coaching is intense and

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