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We launched what I think is an exciting two-day program for HR Business Partners called the HR Influencers Workshop. After speaking with a number of colleagues, reading many additional articles on the changing role of HR, it became clear that there was an opportunity to provide practical and powerful support for mid-level HR talent. Many in these roles are finding themselves time crunched and needing new ways to quickly understand the needs of the business, thinking strategically and bringing practical solutions to support their organizations.

From this feedback, we designed an integrated three-pronged approach including:

  • A two-day workshop
  • Three months of coaching
  • Access to impactful tools to enhance personal effectiveness and client support

We are so excited about the final design and are confident that the experience will be a positive accelerator and provide immediate practical tools and resources to make an impact. Although we believe that the program will be meaningful to all levels of HR business partners and leaders, it will be particularly helpful for HR Managers within mid to small organizations or HIPO promotable business partners within larger organizations.

The program is scheduled for May 16th and 17th and we are offering an early bird discount rate of $1125 (50% of the full program cost of $2250).

I so appreciate you considering this for your team and sharing it with others. If you have any additional questions please feel free to call me or you can check out the event link at  HR Influencer Workshop.

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