The Best Leaders Know How to be Consistent and Flexible

Recently my colleague and I were hosting a one week Leadership Development program for a client where we were speaking to the new leaders on the importance of being both consistent and flexible. These leaders found this notion confusing at first, and concerned about how to live this within their own leadership brand. The question they had for us was how

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The Shortening of Business Lifespans

It is a well-trodden cliche to talk about business transformation, using the examples of Blockbuster Video versus Netflix, AirBnB versus hotel booking sites and UBER versus taxis. In the end, business is about growth. Growth is about building value through people and brands. Sounds simple. Based on the S&P 500, the lifespan of a company in 1960 was 61 years.

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Learning to Wear the Facilitation Crown

I have had the privilege of doing a lot of facilitation over what seems like many years now. I have facilitated small team meetings, large scale events, training programs, university courses, and even bicycle building (team building in disguise). Each facilitation requires something different, in terms of content, tone, pace, or energy but they all have something in common –

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Lighthouse NINE Continues to Grow

Over the past year, we are happy to have added three new partners, including our newest addition Drew Munro. Each of these individuals offers unique specializations that will continue to help us improve organizational performance through people. Drew Munro joined Lighthouse NINE Group on 1st June and heads up the Growth & Brands Practice discipline. His career has included leadership

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Drew Munro Appointed to Partner

Lighthouse NINE Group Announces the Appointment of a New Partner Drew Munro joins Lighthouse NINE Group on 1st June, to head up their Growth & Brands Practice.  He will also serve clients in the areas of Change Management, Strategy & Alignment, Sales Force Effectiveness & Accountability and High Performance Teams. Drew’s career has included leadership positions in Canada, US, UK,

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The Generation Game

We all know the generational stereotypes, the Veterans (born before 1945) are fossilized with their command and control style, the Baby Boomers (46-64) are narcissistic and place huge importance on loyalty, Gen X (65-80) are slackers with their work life balance mantra and the Millennials (80-2000) tend to come off the worst of all as the most entitled generation, the

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Think You Want a Culture of Accountability?

So you think you want a culture of accountability? Well that’s great! There is a significant amount of evidence that organizations with accountable people have higher engagement and performance; simply Google “link between accountability and performance” and you will have over 100,000 articles to validate this point. But let’s assume your “gut” instinct is already there, and the promise of

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Leading Real Change…

The demands of the marketplace and the pace of change in organizations is accelerating at an astounding rate. If you are working, you can really see it and feel this. Much has been written about change management yet since 1995, research has repeatedly shown that 50-70% of change initiatives fail. Business leaders are struggling to affect real change. Change is

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What Marathons Have to do with Managing Change?

Imagine yourself sitting around the leadership table, discussing why such a small change (insert any change here) feels like such a huge change to your team. Why are they not seeing the benefits that are so apparent to you? Why are they not just accepting and moving forward the way you are? Leaders are often flabbergasted at the reaction they

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