Taking the time to invest in skill building is key to any organizations success. At Lighthouse NINE Group we have established training workshops for your leaders and employees that fulfill the need to development your teams and build the skills required to succeed. Our workshops can be quickly customized to address your industry needs and employee gaps. Consider this as real-time training at its finest. Below are some of the high demand workshops we deliver.

Advanced Communications & Influencing Skills

One Day Workshop

  • Building from Communicating with Impact & Influence, learn to master advanced influencing and communication skills to tailor your message to your audience
  • Dramatically improve your ability to entice individuals and groups to listen and get results
  • Learn further tips to enhance body language and tone techniques

Business Writing

One Day Workshop

  • Improve the ability to edit one’s own work through a crash course in English grammar
  • Learn tips for writing concisely and clearly to avoid miscommunication or confusion
  • Know how to plan and structure your writing to ensure the right action from the right audience
  • Learn how to write specific kinds of messages: emails, cover letters, news updates, difficult messages, etc. [as required]

Storytelling - Getting Your Ideas to Stick

One Day Workshop

  • Demonstrate why storytelling works and why people remember these stories longer
  • Learn the 6 key elements of storytelling
  • Apply techniques building a great story
  • Learn the tips and tactics to keep your listener engaged

Target Audience: All Leaders

Sensitivity Training

Half Day Workshop

  • Provide understanding on the full scope of workplace harassment
  • Reduce negative encounters, and foster teamwork and engagement
  • Enhance communication through established HPT operating norms
    Set expectations and build professionalism

Project Management Basics

One Day Workshop

  • Understand what is project management and why it is so critical
  • Learn the stages of effective project management
  • Gain an understanding of the tools used to manage time, quality and cost of projects
  • Learn effective techniques for resource management on project teams

Prioritization Technicques

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand why prioritizing is important
  • Review key prioritization methods and tools
  • Learn techniques to effectively prioritize
  • Practice using the more popular techniques

Managing Differences and Conflict

One Day Workshop

  • Understand the importance of managing differences
  • Investigate how assumptions impact our ability to work effectively together
  • Learn how conflict escalates and de-escalates
  • Understand preferred conflict modes and practical techniques for managing conflict

Target Audience: All Employees

Introduction to Sales Mastery

One Day Workshop

  • Enhance participants knowledge on how to create and maintain mutually beneficial and enduring business relationships
  • Learn an evidence-based selling process that works
  • Learn key principles to give only what you need to achieve a “Win / Win” outcome
  • Develop the critical behavioural skills required in negotiating

Delivering Effective Meetings

Half Day Workshop

  • Gain insight into how to manage your meetings effectively using the Five Questions
  • Learn tips and techniques to make your meetings stand apart
  • Build a personal action plan to optimize your meeting time

Essentials Of Leadership

Essentials of Leadership – Leading Self – One Day Workshop

  • Accelerate the transition of moving from an individual contributor to a leader of others
  • Enhance leadership capabilities for working in complex and ambiguous work environments through greater self awareness from the Leadership Practices Survey feedback
  • Build key performance conversation and leadership skills through practice and coaching

Essentials of Leadership – Leading Others – One Day Workshop

  • Learn tips and tools for aligning team efforts with company strategic priorities
  • Learn tips and tools for accelerating development to a high performing team
  • Identify ways to more fully engage employees by better balancing contribution with satisfaction
  • Enhance delegation and coaching skills in building a performance culture

Essentials of Leadership – Leading the Business – One Day Workshop

  • Learn tips and tools for creating a climate for innovation
  • Learn tips and tools for leading laterally/leading collaborative efforts with other groups
  • Identify ways to more fully engage others in a change initiative including tips for dealing with resistance
  • Enhance ability to deal with poor performers and challenges in building a performance culture

Essentials of Leadership – Building Community (Facilitated Dialogue) – One Day Workshop

  • Learn foundation blocks for building an intentional community
  • Enable participants to envision a desired future and begin an action plan to move toward it
  • Help a diverse group of individuals to learn the process, tools and skills to build a community

Management Operating System For New Managers

Half Day Workshop

  • Learn what a Management Operating System (MOS) is and how a robust MOS can drive productivity, performance and profit
  • Review the core elements of a high performance MOS that will provide a roadmap to achieve goals and objectives
  • Tips to develop and implement a successful MOS and common traps to avoid

Having Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations 101 – Half Day Workshop

  • Understand key components of a crucial conversation and typical patterns they follow
  • Learn how to prepare for a crucial conversation
  • Understand key requirements for ‘making it safe’
  • Learn techniques to master high-stakes situations

Target Audience: All Employees

Crucial Conversations 102 – Half Day Workshop

  • Learn the core principles of a crucial conversation and understand why conversations fail
  • How to have effective conversations that strengthen and preserve relationships
  • Develop the skills to be courageous, to be present, to listen for understanding, to be open to persuasion and how to manage everyone’s emotions
  • Learn and apply simple and easy strategies that can improve conversations right away

Target Audience: All Employees

Crucial Conversations for Managers – One Day Workshop

  • Understand key components of a crucial conversation and typical patterns they follow
  • Learn how to prepare yourself in advance for a crucial conversation
  • Understand key requirements for ‘making it safe’ and practice creating the space
  • Practice skills and techniques to master high-stakes situations

Target Audience: Supervisor or Manager level

Organizational Collaboration

Partnering to Deliver Across Boundaries – Organizational Collaboration 101 – One Day Workshop

  • Become aware of the Virtuous Circle: collaboration empowers individuals to partner across boundaries, a service-mindset empowers collaboration
  • Gain the skill to diagnose the collaboration barriers that may be blocking initiative progress
  • Learn the evidence based principles and best practices of effective collaboration that break through barriers

Partnerning to Deliver Across Boundaries – Organizational Collaboration 102 – One Day Workshop

  • Build on 101 and learn how apply to projects and initiatives that require interdisciplinary / cross functional collaboration
  • Learn how to use the Collaborator’s Tool Kit
  • Scope a real life initiative / project with the Tool Kit and plan for its implementation

Presenting with Impact and Influence

Two Day Workshop

  • Learn proven tips to overcome “presentation jitters”
  • Apply a 5 step process to structure presentations for maximum impact and influence
  • Learn how to focus on the salient points of a message that connect to the audience
  • Practice handling audience Push-back / Resistance
  • Script a compelling summary that builds a clear and influential “Call-to-Action”

Advanced Recognition and Feedback Skills

One Day Workshop

  • Review key concepts from Introduction to Giving and Receiving Feedback session
  • Demonstrate the power of positive feedback and recognition
  • Practice delivering effective feedback against corporate behaviours
  • Learn how to use feedback to further build your leadership brand

Introduction to Giving and Receiving Feedback

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand the value and impact of effective feedback
  • Learn and apply the SBI model of feedback
  • Practice delivering strengths based feedback
  • Prepare to handle possible reactions to feedback (yours and others)

Negotiating Skills

Negotiating Skills 101 – One Day Workshop

  • Learn key principles to give only what you need to achieve a “Win / Win” outcome
  • Develop the critical behavioural skills required in negotiating
  • Learn how to plan and play the game of negotiating in a one-to-one contest (plan & process templates)
  • Apply techniques for handling tough negotiations

Negotiating Skills 102 – One Day Workshop

  • Build on Negotiating 101 and learn how to negotiate in teams across complex challenges
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities within team negotiations
  • Apply techniques for handling team negotiations
  • Learn the Tips and Tactics to keep your opposition “slightly” off balance

Thriving in Challenging times

One Day Workshop

  • Build the skills to navigate and lead with optimism while managing change
  • Learn how positive approaches can help fuel your success
  • Develop tools to reframe challenges into opportunities
  • Discuss ways to manage through the stress of challenging times

Thinking Creatively to Expand Market Boundaries

One Day Workshop

  • Learn the fundamentals of Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Apply the fundamentals to creative opportunity exploration

P&L Awareness Business Literacy

Half Day GAMEshop

  • Increase the knowledge of how the business makes money through game based learning
  • Introduce the Principles & Practices of P&L Management
  • Demystify the language of the P&L

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

One Day Workshop

  • Learn common thinking “traps” and how to avoid them
  • Apply proven processes and worksheets to identify solutions
  • Practice approaches (using case studies) to deal with uncertainty and complexity

Innovation and Creativity

One Day Workshop

  • Define innovation and creativity, how they are related and how they are different
  • Demonstrate that innovation and creativity can be learned
  • Provide step by step approaches to innovation and creativity

Change Management

Half Day Workshop

  • Investigate key elements of change management theory and the impact of change on people and the business
  • Discuss approaches to effectively manage change – both personally and corporately
  • Identify your personal relationship with change and what you need to know to remain engaged

Story Telling with Data

Half Day Workshop

  • Enhance the sales ability to drill in to data to derive insights
  • Utilize insights derived from various data sources to develop a compelling presentation that supports your core objective

Excel for Sales

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand uses of excel functionality applicable to every day sales tasks
  • Increase ability of participants to use multiple functions collectively to simplify reporting analysis and other administrative sales requirements
  • Enhance the sales ability to drill in to data to derive insights that create actions

Planogram Optimization

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand core planogram principles and how to apply them to design a consumer-centric, retailer relevant shelf design
  • Participants will be able to identify opportunities to enhance current shelf sets and justify recommendations to the retailer

Managing the Corporate Landscape

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand the what of ‘office politics’, why they exist and where do they play out
  • Identify the skills required to not only survive but thrive in the political corporate landscape
  • Learn how to perfect an approach to internal networking
  • Explore ‘You’ – and your path to successful manoeuvring

Situational Leadership Studies

One Day Workshop

  • To be an effective leader, you must have exceptional skills in coaching and helping people develop
  • This program focuses on the fundamentals of leadership using both the Blanchard Situational Leadership Model and the Hersey Leadership model

Effective Verbal Communication

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand the Conversation Cycle
  • Assess your listening style
  • Identify your assumptions that affect your verbal communication
  • Investigate areas to improve – meetings, remote conversation, etc.
  • Learn how to structure your message to increase your impact

Managing Your Energy

Half Day Workshop

  • To sustain performance, we must balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal
  • We experience four different energy states but only one—high positive –is optimal for performance
  • We must be intentional rather than reactionary with our energy to bring about sustained high performance
  • To manage energy optimally, we must build positive rituals—highly specific behaviors that become automatic over time

Mastering the Art of Facilitation

One Day Workshop

  • Learn how to plan and deliver effective meetings
  • Practice problem-solving tools and techniques to provide creative solutions
  • Discover how to manage conflict successfully
  • Learn different thinking styles to help you get ‘unstuck’
  • Apply active listening skills
  • Practice team building activities to increase communication and encourage a creative environment
  • Learn how to facilitate by directing groups, managing the differences, and supporting teams

Building Networks

One Day Workshop

  • To develop skills in managing internal networks for sharing of intelligence
  • To develop capabilities in leadership and creation of a knowledge creating community
  • To develop approaches in developing and optimizing external networks for business and individual success

Target Audience: Senior Managers to C-Suite

How to Create a Strategy for Growth

One Day Workshop

  • To set the context for creating clarity around strategic problems
  • To explore the core strategies for growth
  • To explore the ‘play to win’ approach to executing strategy

Target Audience: Senior Managers to C-Suite

Innovation and Growth Mindset

One Day Workshop

  • To explore the difference between a ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindset
  • To develop the capabilities and practice the behaviours of successful innovation
  • To develop and practice the approaches of successfully growing business

Target Audience: All Employees

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