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Values in Action

Organizations often embark upon a journey of value definitions with very good intentions. All eyes are focused on the destination – a list of value words or phrases that are framed, put on websites or included in email signature lines. Too often we see the work and effort fade away once they’ve moved on to the next ‘must have’ item

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It’s Time to Change the Conversation on Equality and Diversity

While in recent decades there have been huge strides towards creating gender equality in terms of education, health and workforce participation, the gap in annual earnings between men and women has barely budged over the last two decades.  For too long the discussion on the role of women in business was seen as a philanthropic issue often with leadership development

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The Network Imperative is Human

Recently much has been made of ‘big data’, the ‘internet of things’, the importance of ‘extra organizational networks’ in business. Business 4.0. The fundamentals of these dialogues are terrific but are based on one fundamental principle, connectivity. Connectivity increasingly requires technology as an enabler, but it is often presented as an end in itself. The most valuable asset in any

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