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Finding Keys in Quarantine #2

Finding Keys in Quarantine #2: Energy and Mind Storms Last week, I began sharing some insights that I have been learning from my time in quarantine that might resonate with others. Most of these insights have always been in me, however, like finally finding lost keys, when you have been looking for ages, it is only when you slow down

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Is Your Gut Leading You Down the Right Path?

Years of experience need to count for something, right?  But is your instinct on what decisions to make regarding the path forward for your business really sending you in the right direction?  By Nature, Humans are Poor Decision-Makers  At a basic level, we process information very quickly and seek out only the information required to validate our thinking.  In the

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Contributing to the FCPC HR Insights Forum

I had the opportunity last week to speak at the (FCPC) HR Insights forum, a great action-packed forum for HR leaders.   For me, it felt like two worlds being brought together.  Most of my career has been with the sales side of the food and consumer industry and I continue to work with clients in that space, but my exposure

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