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The I/We Ratio: Listen Carefully

I’m often amazed and almost always disappointed when I hear leaders speak with a vocabulary peppered by more than its fair share of I/Me/My. What I’m really listening for, are leaders who speak using the words We/They/Our. If you hear a leader who uses those phrases, my experience suggests you will also find a highly effective individual, being rewarded with an above

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Are You Humble Enough To Lead

We have all been in those meetings, with those people who have the ‘data point’ nobody else has, those individuals that have prepared the answers to 100 questions in case 2 are asked. The ‘knowledge is power’ meetings”. This type of culture results in inherently political and self-serving behavior unless the knowledge is harnessed for the benefit of creating a high performing

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HPT – High Performing Teams Are No Myth

I owe much of my discipline and work ethic to my early football experiences. I know many people may not relate, but the grid-iron taught me more than how to compete in sport. The most successful team I played on was my senior varsity team, which went to the provincial championships. Our success was not just a factor of collective

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The Risk Of Assessment Tools

I recently asked a group, ‘By a show of hands, how many of you have ever printed off a tool, an assessment, or an online quiz and given it to your team to fill out, with the hope of doing some team building or getting them to understand each other better?’ Lots of hands went up. Then I asked, ‘How

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