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Is Management Engagement Different than Employee Engagement?

Interesting question. At first blush, many of you would say no. And for the most part, you would be correct. Engaging employees at every level and every area of the company is what engagement is all about. However, the opportunity exists for organizations to go one step further and maximize middle managers as the conduit for nurturing employee engagement. Middle managers

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The Recognition, Engagement and Culture Connection

We’ve long known that the way to impact or change culture is to change those actions and behaviours that will result in a more favourable culture. Many leadership teams have, in earnest, focused on culture change versus focusing on critical components of the work environment that will result in the desired culture. While there are many elements that contribute to

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What’s In It For Me?

I love puzzles – I get a real kick out of seeing the pieces and patterns come together. My recent experience (aka obsession) with the game Two Dots TM has helped show me how different generations respond so differently to the same reward. Me, I like to prove that I’ve mastered each level by achieving the goal level three times before

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