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Curious in the Crunchy

We live in a “crunchy” world right now, and it is easy to be swept up in disagreement and discourse with colleagues, friends and family. Crunchy are those moments of disconnect that normally leave us grumpy, uncomfortable, annoyed and impatient. As a seven (7) on the Enneagram® (Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people

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New Partner Nancy Dewar Joins Lighthouse Nine Group

Nancy Dewar will co-lead the Leadership Development and Coaching Discipline. With over 25 years of expertise leading, coaching and training teams of people, Nancy has worked on both the client and agency sides. Nancy creates lasting impact in all her work. She is a Professional Certified Coach who has designed and led several global corporate coaching programs with clients in

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How Are You Coaching With AWE?

Things are uncertain, things are moving fast, and things are changing quickly. The environment is ambiguous and the future is less certain. There is pressure on you as a leader to ‘really lead’ and to have answers. What if you don’t have the answers, but you can help your teams toward a solution through Coaching? First of all, are you

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Building Our Agile Mindset – Growing Our Coaching Skills

Like many of you, Agile has become a hot topic for both ourselves and our clients. Organizations are seeking to reap the quoted benefits of increased collaboration, accelerated speed to market, improved quality, reduced risk, and enhanced transparency, to name a few. There is great value in an Agile approach. At L9, we believe the greatest value of Agile comes

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Lighthouse NINE Group Invests in Core Belief

Lighthouse NINE Group, one of Canada’s leading independent management consultancies, was founded on a belief of ‘Improving Organizational Performance Through People’. As the firm has grown, that founding belief has grown and developed in all Practice areas, including Coaching and Executive Coaching.At the end of July 2016, the firm completed the journey of ensuring all Partners have Executive Coaching designations,

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The Power of Being Purposeful with Positive Primes

I recently completed a virtual course on Positive Psychology. It is a rising area of study that is making waves, especially in the coaching world. Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, offered the course during which she shares an evidence based approach to being positive and flourishing. One of the most critical learnings I took away from the training is the importance

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