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Digital Transformation Starts With Cultural Transformation

One of the key components of Digital Transformations is how to use technology as a means to better understand the customer and improve the end-to-end experience. In a recent webinar, Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research shared some startling facts about how companies are defining and executing against their digital strategies. He shared that although 48% of firms have

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Culture Change: The Messy Process of Measuring the Unmeasurable

Your corporate culture is the collective pattern of values, behaviours, and the unwritten rules of your organization.  It is how your organization truly operates and it is critical to your success. There has been a lot of literature over the years focused on helping companies define or harness their corporate culture but have we determined how to truly measure, and

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What is Your “Go-To” Conflict Mode?

I recently worked with a leadership team who was striving to improve their collaboration.  They had a consistent pattern of decision-making that did not encourage or even allow for collaboration on crucial business imperatives.  Many thought that this pattern was a result of the work/pressure/stress they were under.  This was only partially true. There are some key ingredients required to

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Making the Shift from Telling to Listening – How to Talk to Your Team about Change

I recently had a client comment that the most valuable role their leader played during a change in their organization was “patiently listening to me, not correcting or defending, just listening to me as I worked to come to terms with the change”.  The employee was able to move forward as a result of the effective listening skills demonstrated by

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Is Your Company Reorganizing? 5 Steps for Thriving Through the Change

In my consulting work I am often involved in creating organizational change, and then directly confronted by the challenges surfaced as I coach managers and executives through the transition. Over time, I have concluded that there are five key actions people need to consciously perform in order to manage significant change. If followed, these will vastly improve your chances of

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Getting the Internal Help You Need to Manage Your Change

Transition monitoring teams are nothing new.  William Bridges spoke of them in his book Managing Transitions and Jeannie Duck, author of The Change Monster, also highlighted the value these teams can bring.  So why don’t more companies use these highly effective and engaging teams to assist in their organization transformations? I believe there are two reasons at play.  Some individuals

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Leading Real Change…
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The demands of the marketplace and the pace change in organizations is accelerating at an astounding rate. If you are working, you can really see it and feel this. Much has been written about change management yet since 1995, research has repeatedly shown that 50-70% of change initiatives fail. Business leaders are struggling to affect real change. Change is a

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What Marathons Have to do with Managing Change?

Imagine yourself sitting around the leadership table, discussing why such a small change (insert any change here) feels like such a huge change to your team. Why are they not seeing the benefits that are so apparent to you? Why are they not just accepting and moving forward the way you are? Leaders are often flabbergasted at the reaction they

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Managing the Impact of Change

Managing the Impact of Change | We formed Lighthouse NINE Group to help organizations improve their performance. Through our work, we are acutely aware that nothing creates leadership insomnia more than the strain of dealing with change. At Lighthouse NINE Group, we emphasize a grass-roots approach to managing change, where employee engagement is critical to success. We believe this is the best

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Why Are We So Scared to Build Change Skills?

Imagine yourself as a leader inviting your team to a training session on effectively managing change.  You have the best intentions.  You want your team to understand change; how to effectively lead, manage and excel during change.  You announce the training to your team and BOOM!  The rumour mill is awash with stories of pending changes, each one more outlandish

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