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Think You Want a Culture of Accountability?

So you think you want a culture of accountability? Well that’s great! There is a significant amount of evidence that organizations with accountable people have higher engagement and performance; simply Google “link between accountability and performance” and you will have over 100,000 articles to validate this point. But let’s assume your “gut” instinct is already there, and the promise of

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Leading Real Change…
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The demands of the marketplace and the pace change in organizations is accelerating at an astounding rate. If you are working, you can really see it and feel this. Much has been written about change management yet since 1995, research has repeatedly shown that 50-70% of change initiatives fail. Business leaders are struggling to affect real change. Change is a

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Managing the Impact of Change

Managing the Impact of Change | We formed Lighthouse NINE Group to help organizations improve their performance. Through our work, we are acutely aware that nothing creates leadership insomnia more than the strain of dealing with change. At Lighthouse NINE Group, we emphasize a grass-roots approach to managing change, where employee engagement is critical to success. We believe this is the best

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