Experiential Learning

Lighthouse NINE Group will focus on building your team or group’s capacity to succeed. Your team or group will come together to address real work challenges through shared experiences, while answering pressing questions related to performance and function in the workplace.

Organizations are most productive when there is great communication. Great communication can occur when people are stimulated, provoked, and challenged in an atmosphere of trust respect and accountability. Lighthouse NINE Group provides an experience that is stimulating with tools and programs that break down barriers and promote creativity.

Activities can be designed as stand-alone programming or as an enhancement to a conference or meeting experience you’re planning. We offer 60-90 minute, half-day, full-day or multi-day activities that provide your team the opportunity to focus on collective challenges and network with peers.

Meeting Ice Breakers

Prisoner vs. Learner? Assumptions vs. Truths? The Top 10 List? These are only a few of the concepts explored in some of our active and engaging ice-breaker sessions. We can help you set your meeting up for success by customizing one of our warm-up activities to align with the specific needs of your team/meeting agenda.

Key Notes

A key note address can support key meeting messages, bring in new thought leadership, align corporate communication and engage audiences. Whatever your event kick-off or wrap up needs are a key note address can put the finishing touch on your overall meeting effectiveness.

60 - 90 Minute Experiences

Boat Building

  • This experience engages the group in a high energy game that focuses on teams designing and building a life size cardboard raft. Design is crucial; planning depends on your ability to communicate as a team and effectively utilize resources. Follow through will be tested in the waters.

Building Bridges

  • This experience engages the group in a fun exercise that explores creativity and negotiation while designing and building a paper bridge that can support a 5 pound weight.

Cake Design

  • A sweet way to compete! This food-based fun team-building activity teaches some basic cake decorating skills and sees teams compete for the best cake design. Teams start with a large square cake. The design aligns with organization objectives.

Can You Dance

  • This experience sees teams working together to compete for the title of best dance routine!


  • This experience provides participants the opportunity to ‘create the rhythm’ for effective collaborative relationships in the workplace. Using Remo Practice Pads which are used in the drumming profession, a practiced leader takes the group through various ‘drumming’ exercises.

Dynamic Power of Human Energy

  • This experience will create a great vibe in teams by developing key skills to ensure human energy is fully awakened and capitalized.

Humpty’s Last Stand

  • This experience engages the group in a fun exercise that explores creativity, team dynamics and negotiation. Working together you will design and build a vessel to carry an egg over a 15ft. drop without damage.


  • Lego™ workshops provide participants the opportunity to learn and practice team-building skills such as communication, listening, creativity, cooperation, collaboration through the building of Lego™ models. Team members assume various roles and perform activities as seen in the business environment. Creativity and fun are the order of the day!

Scavenger Hunt

  • There’s more than one way to scavenge! Choose from a range of high-energy team-based scavenger hunt activities that can include elements such as photo based challenges, clue deciphering challenges, and/or a range of other problem-solving elements that foster a creative balance of cooperation and competition.

Please email for a detailed brochure on any of the above 60 – 90 minute experience.

4 - 5 Hour Experiences

Amazing Chase

  • This experience challenges participants to follow a custom designed course drawing on the diverse skills of their team. With a focus on communication, problem solving, strategy and creativity, this program is a great way for individuals to work as a team and to get to know each others’ strengths

Bicycle Building

  • This experience has teams of people putting bicycles together, overcoming small obstacles while emphasizing the importance of working together. Completed bicycles can be used as corporate gifts or presented to a local charity.

Cake Building

  • A sweet way to compete! This food-based fun team-building activity teaches some basic cake building and decorating skills and concludes with a team competition. Cake assignment can focus on organization objectives.

Corporate Olympics

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No – it’s a rubber chicken! This active and engaging team building competition will have your teams laughing as they problem-solve, invent, push boundaries and have fun in range of activities in the Corporate Olympics Challenge.

Fire Fighter Challenge

  • This experience requires that the participants ‘gear up’ in firefighter attire and complete related challenges as a team using typical firefighting equipment. Creating the sense of urgency tests one’s ability to think and react on her/his feet. It really gets the adrenaline going!


  • This experience will help your team shape their destiny. IMAGINE… drums pounding out a hypnotic beat, leading to a path of glowing coals…you’ve already broken through the membrane of fear, broken a board with your bare hand, regardless of your age, size, gender or physical condition.


  • This experience takes teams outdoors using gps devices to find a series of ‘treasures’. Rain or shine teams work together to solve puzzles and riddles along the way that align with an organization’s objectives.


  • If “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people!”, this experience is sure to close the gap. Participants will be professionally guided through the comedic-creative process in a safe and judgement free environment…well, at least not long lasting judgement.

Pit Crew Challenge

  • This experience challenges teams to change the tires of a real race car just like professional pit crews. Led by race car specialists, teams are given several attempts to improve their scores once they have been provided some useful tips.

The Beer Game

  • This Production-Distribution simulation – commonly known as “The Beer Game” – is a systems thinking and decision making exercise. Participants manage orders and inventory in the face of changing supply and demand for their beer. A powerful learning experience.

Please email for a detailed brochure on any of the above 4 – 5 hour experience.

Skill Building Experiences

Bringing Soul to Your Workplace (60 – 90 Minute)

  • This session will challenge individuals to seek the soul within themselves and will engage teams to bring the soul of the organization to life.

Building Greatness and Leadership Presence (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This session will empower individuals to realize their leadership potential, regardless of title.

Change Management (Half day to full day workshops)

  • One of Lighthouse NINE Group’s change management experts will work with you to identify what change management considerations apply to your audience and will customize this workshop or presentation to your unique needs.

Coaching (2 hour ‘kick-off’, plus 1 hour per month or as agreed)

  • Coaching provides the opportunity to explore individual effectiveness in the current role and growth for future roles. Through targeted questioning, direct feedback and performance goal setting, individuals learn to understand the rewards of growth and success.

Diversity (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This workshop involves participants in learning effective ways to maximize diversity on teams. An engaging, interactive, and refreshingly broad view of diversity and inclusion ensures applicability to any team wishing to improve their performance.

Influencing Skills (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This workshop will allow individuals to practice their influencing skills through hands-on application and direct feedback. Whether it is needed to influence remotely or in person, improving one’s influencing skills will have a direct impact on the ability to deliver results.

Making Customers Raving Fans (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This session will show how true employee engagement delivers an amazing customer experience and bottom line results.

Managing Conflict (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This workshop introduces participants to key concepts in managing conflict including what keeps conflict alive and how to address interpersonal conflict. Workshop includes an action planning component.

The Multi-generational Workplace (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This workshop introduces participants to the four generations in today’s workplace. Engaging and informative, participants gain a framework for understanding team differences and learn to work effectively with contributors of all ages.

Please email for a detailed brochure on any of the above Skill Building Workshops.

Effectiveness Tools

13 Behaviours of High Trust Leaders (60 – 90 minutes)

  • This workshop brings a team together to openly discuss key strengths of individuals and how best to leverage them while honestly acknowledging areas that require improvement to enable greater team success and performance.

Assessments (2 to 4 hours depending on assessment tool and group size)

  • This half day workshop provides participants with immediate insights into themselves and their colleagues using one of the following assessment tools: DISC, Personality Dimensions, MBTI, EQ-I, TAIS, TKI, Assess360 Workshops can be structured to focus on individual or team development. All workshops include an action planning component.

Integrated Audience Response Systems

  • Audience response systems are an effective way of quickly getting real-time input from a large group of participants. Whether using the system to run a fun game to kick-start a meeting or to get candid and challenging feedback on crucial business issues, Lighthouse NINE Group facilitators can help you design and implement effective methods of leveraging this handheld voting technology to enhance your meeting.

The Real Deal™ (60 – 90 minutes)

  • This session utilizes decks of Value Cards to help teams learn what truly matters to individual members. As participants move through the selection, disclosure, comparison and discussion stages of this exercise they gain valuable perspective on themselves and the teams to which they belong.

Situational Leadership Studies (Half day to full day workshop)

  • This workshop will provide insight and perspective on an individual’s leadership style and the importance of adapting this style to maximize his/her effectiveness as a leader at work, at home and in any other organization setting.

Strength Finder™ (2 to 2.5 hours)

  • This workshop allows teams to investigate their individual and team strengths, gaining broader understanding of each other and how to effectively work together.

Visual Explorer™ (3 to 4 hours)

  • This experience engages the group in selecting individual images to represent their answer to questions identified in advance, typically regarding future vision, teamwork, or collaboration. Over 300 images illustrate a broad range of industries and interests. A rich debrief stimulates team thinking and desired actions.

Ways of Working (Half day to full day workshops)

  • This workshop will get teams talking about key issues that are blocking optimal team performance, as well as create practical solutions and team norms that will deliver great team success and results.

World Café™ (90 minutes plus – topic specific)

  • This high energy facilitation technique leads workgroups at tables through a brainstorming process, sparking open and creative idea sharing.

Please email for a detailed brochure on any of the above Effectiveness Tool experiences.

Strategic Facilitation

Business Literacy (90 minutes)

  • This workshop utilizes a combination of facilitated presentation, and a customized team based game to engage all participants in the workings of your P&L, Cash Flow and/or Balance Sheet. Artwork is created specifically for the organization.

Health Workplace (1.5 hours to full day)

  • A custom designed session for organizations who know that having a great workplace and work output requires healthy people!

Strategic Planning (1 to 2 days)

  • Developing, updating or reviewing the organization’s strategic plan is critical to ensure the path forward is clear for all. Cascading objectives, tied to broader goals and initiatives, provides the opportunity to align people and process to deliver results.

Talent Demand Planning (2.5 to 3.5 hours)

  • This workshop provides the foundation for functional or organization wide talent plans. It involves envisioning and discussing the future of your business and making choices on the organizational capacity & capabilities needed 3 to 5 years out.

Talent Reviews (Half day to full day )

  • This workshop takes managers through a facilitated process with customized templates to effectively calibrate the health of your talent in context to the critical competencies required for your organization’s success.

Please email for a detailed brochure on any of the above Strategic Facilitation experiences.

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