Alexis Lee

Alexis serves as the Associate leading our Experiential Learning Discipline. Her expertise encompasses Strategic Facilitation and Team Effectiveness, Training, as well as Collaborative Behavioural Coaching. Alexis relies on her extensive knowledge in Dramatic Arts in Education and brings that to the workshops she runs. She brings with her a robust tool kit of creative and functional strategies to boost a greater sense of belonging, increased performance, improve employee retention and deeper personal engagement.

Alexis collaborates with you and your team to build and cultivate “human first” work spaces and encourages all employees’ sense of well-being and belonging. Alexis creates opportunities for Experiential Learning through hands-on activities that call on participants to augment and refine high impact leadership skills such as communication, presence, problem solving, decision making and negotiation.

At Lighthouse NINE, Alexis collaborates closely with her colleagues, bringing into play their varied expertise ranging from sales leadership to strategic planning to executive development. This is an exciting addition to our suite of services and a cornerstone in Experiential Learning. The Lighthouse NINE team has an extraordinary dedication to making sure clients are thrilled with winning service and solutions that deliver lasting impact.


University of Windsor
BA Honors, Drama in Education and Community

Leadership Coach

Energy Leadership Index

Specialized Experience

Play Based Training and Development

Collaborative Behavioural Coaching

Teaching and Learning through Dramaturgy

Numerous leadership programs through OLG

The Art of the Clown Doctor and the Role of Positive Psychology in Health Care

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