A client of mine is looking to make the transformation from a functional leader to the C-suite. To ground the development plan, I decided to create a leadership benchmark to which he could strive.

While I have some tested perspectives on the subject, I wanted to create a comprehensive Leadership Archetype with input from some of the top thought leaders.

To conduct this meta-research, I asked ChatGPT to be my researcher and ran several queries to find the evidence-based characteristics of the top C-suite leaders. I then asked for these to be cited for source checking, and then I asked for more. Finally, I asked ChatGPT to sort for common themes. Once the research was complete, I reworked the findings into the framework you see and added my perspective.

In the past, this work would have taken me 1-2 days to complete, with the research taking most of the time. By utilizing ChatGPT, I accessed a wealth of knowledge and synthesized the wisdom of prominent business authors in 1 hour! This allowed me to spend my time on value-add work versus exploration.

So, if you have not tried ChatGPT or any AI tool, I would encourage you to see how they can help your work be more efficient and productive.  If you’d like to talk further about this topic or the C-suite Leadership Archetype Framework, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

David Campanella
Lighthouse NINE Group

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