Like many of you, Agile has become a hot topic for both ourselves and our clients. Organizations are seeking to reap the quoted benefits of increased collaboration, accelerated speed to market, improved quality, reduced risk, and enhanced transparency, to name a few. There is great value in an Agile approach. At L9, we believe the greatest value of Agile comes from the mindset, principles, and values that are required to live Agile.

From our vantage point, Agile is based on a mindset focused on collaboration, continuous learning, courage, transparency, respect, pride in delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change. None of these are new concepts, but being able to pull these values together, and build the muscle to work within this Agile mindset is new. This mindset is as critical to the success of your Agile approach as any of the Agile frameworks or tools.

In a recent “State of Agile” survey conducted by Version One, the top challenge listed was organizational culture being at odds with Agile values. Culture is a key barrier to Agile. The organization culture needs to be shaped and challenged in order to accept the new approaches and embrace the Agile mindset. Leaders need to adjust their lens and role model the values of Agile. This is the hard part, and where we at L9 thrive.

Working with Leaders to Help Shift Their Mindset

As executive coaches, working with leaders to help shift their mindset is our strength. There is no better way to dig into the values of Agile and help leaders build this muscle than through coaching teams and individuals.

To help ensure we can support our clients to deliver on this mindset shift, and build the cultural muscle that will allow employees to embrace Agile, L9 Partners recently completed training to receive our ICP-ACC designation (ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching). It was a great opportunity to build upon our current coaching practice; adding the lens of Agile.

As designated Agile coaches, we bring our business and transformation mastery, and our facilitating, teaching and mentoring into the Agile world. The training broadened our understanding of Agile, taking what we have learned already from our clients to the next level, and ensuring our ability to support more clients on their Agile journey.

To understand more about Agile coaching at L9 please connect with us. We would be happy to share our insights and learnings, in a collaborative, respectful and transparent way, role modeling the Agile mindset.

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