Pressing Business Need

Commercial success starts with designing a strategy that aspires to win with customers, and win against the competition. Once the direction is set, vertical and horizontal organizational alignment ensures the whole enterprise is in lock step with what’s needed to produce results.

Companies that embrace strategic organizational alignment experience greater business success; they experience higher employee engagement, they out perform their competition, and they often enjoy greater market share.

Simply put, alignment of people, processes and plans to strategy will deliver results.

Failing to plan is planning to fail — Ben Franklin

Our Approach

Through strategic facilitation we work with business leaders to clarify their strategic imperative or problem, define their core strategic choices, create options, and test their feasibility. Our approach is rooted in answering the key questions of: What is your winning aspiration? Where do you wish to Play? How will you win? What capabilities will be required and what supporting management systems will be needed to win?
Through carefully designed interdependency workshops we create buy-in to accountabilities, responsibilities and relevant metrics reflected in annual business plans. We collaborate with key stakeholders on common goals and initiatives. We establish connect-points and support requirements between teams.
Through review of critical talent and key processes we identify the strengths and gaps in the organization’s ability to deliver results, and support closing them.

Assessments & Tools

5C Environmental Assessments
Strategy Cascade
OGSMs, Balanced Scorecards & Milestone Maps
SWOT, Barriers and Enablers Analysis
L9 Human Capital and RISK Assessment
S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
Talent Health Assessments & Strategic Talent Planning
Visual Mapping

Case Study

A Leading Energy Services Company
We started with cascading strategic goals and initiatives through every team. We aligned and connected team business plans with that of the organization. We identified cross team dependencies and established contingency plans to mitigate potential risks to delivering the plan. The results included achievement, and over achievement, of numerous key metrics, a highly engaged workforce and acceleration of their attainment of the Canadian Awards of Excellence.

A National Certification Body
We worked with the senior leadership team to align business team focus to think and behave as ‘one team’. This drove the successful accomplishment of corporate strategic goals and furthered their business purpose. It provided relevant content and measures for performance and reward systems, reinforcing their ‘pay for performance’ culture.

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