Asking What Else

Things are uncertain, things are moving fast, and things are changing quickly. The environment is ambiguous and the future is less certain. There is pressure on you as a leader to ‘really lead’ and to have answers. What if you don’t have the answers, but you can help your teams toward a solution through Coaching?

First of all, are you really Coaching? Are you really asking ‘What’s on your mind?’. Or are you looking to achieve answers or progress against the points on your agenda, the leadership team’s agenda or another agenda, by putting forward your or someone else’s ideas?

Are You Really Listening?

‘Offering advice with a question mark’, as Michael Bungay Stanier, in the book, ‘The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More and Change the Way You Lead Forever’ states. Michael advocates making sure you are really listening and helping your teams, by asking the AWE question. Ensure you are really connected with your teams and what is most important to them, by asking ‘And What Else’. Click here to view Michael Bungay-Stanier’s recent TedX talk – How to tame your Advice Monster

This is beautifully simple and effective in our experience. It will keep you connected virtually just now and longer-term. It’s one of 7 question types he believes in.

“According to conventional wisdom, highly successful people have three things in common: motivation, ability and opportunity…. [but] there is a fourth ingredient: success depends heavily on how we approach our interactions with other people. Do we try to claim as much value [for ourselves] as we can, or do we contribute value? It turns out that these choices have staggering consequences for success.” 

Matthew Syed, author of Rebel Ideas: the Power of Diverse Thinking

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Coach with AWE. Stay safe, be well.

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