There are always people and businesses who emerge as leaders instead of victims during crisis. Which will you be when you look back on Covid19 at the end of the year?

I received some excellent advice recently from my Psychologist wife about the need to focus on what you can control when everything around you seems increasingly uncertain, and decidedly out-of-control. I have internalized her advice as during crisis constrain your focus on ‘What is’ versus ‘What if.’

Whether you lead yourself, or others, it is critical to maintain your effectiveness and harness creativity to lead when most of what you always counted on is gone. In stable times with reliable constants, our ability to forecast the future is spotty at best. During crisis, when we spend time worrying about the massive ‘what if’ category, there is a risk of not taking timely action against the business-critical.

In my recent conversations with clients, I am seeing the ‘what if’ dialogue rapidly emerge as a distraction; when I ask, ‘what are you going to do?’, I am greeted with uncertainty (sometimes silence), and a hesitation to take action. In my opinion, freezing when under threat is very dangerous. To avoid this trap, consider focusing on:

  1. Progress over Perfection – take a page from Agile practices and Design Thinking, and be iterative in your approach. Let go of the need to have perfect (or near perfect) information; take continuous, smaller actions with what you know, stay flexible and course-correct as required.
  2. Productivity over Presence – if you don’t have it, find ways to measure productivity of work rather than seeing people working. Outcomes become more important than time and effort during crisis, so increase your pace of outcome delivery by relentlessly measuring productivity and removing obstacles.
  3. Online over Onsite – we can no longer rely on staying physically connected to our people and customers to drive our economic engines; wherever physical connection was the norm, rapidly develop your capability to virtually connect and facilitate commerce.

A closing thought to consider: It is harder for an enemy to catch you if you are continuously on the move.

If you find this helpful and wish to talk further, you may reach me at Lighthouse NINE Group.

Thank you, be well, be safe and be prosperous as we endure the Covid19 crisis.

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  1. Paul Woodhouse-Reply
    April 1, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    Always enjoyed your approach and philosophy David, it’s been a long time but enjoyed this post. Great you have Kim working with you now too!

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