If you are like me, trapped in your house, trying to work, you are getting inundated with offers to learn about new digital tools.  As I was finalizing the content for our upcoming webinar, I realized the challenges many of us are facing.  We have been suddenly thrust into a world where we must RELY on digital technology to get our work done.  At Lighthouse NINE, we recognize the importance of digital facilitation.  We have been investing and using virtual facilitation tools for years.  We even formulated a strategic plan to grow our digital facilitation presence at our offsite in January.  But just like you, we did not expect the need to ramp up so quickly and execute on our strategy RIGHT NOW!

As a result, I have immersed myself in e-learning to quickly supplement my skills so that you don’t have to!  I believe that our clients have more important things to do – like keeping their business running and their employees paid and engaged.  You don’t have the time to learn all the tools.  Frankly, I don’t either (I also have to home school my kids). I do, however, have time to learn some of the KEY tools.  Tools that I believe are essential to enable our facilitation and support our clients.  I have zoned in on four key tools – those that enable our current facilitation techniques and maximize client engagement. 

Our Key Digital Technology Tools:

Zoom:  Video conference technology to allow face-to-face dialogue with break out room options for small group discussion.

HowSpace:  A virtual facilitation tool that allows ‘flip charting’ and ‘voting’ type interactions over a period of time.

Mentimeter:  This is a polling type tool – Kahoot on steroids.  It allows any presentation to be a two-way dialogue with your teams.

Recollective:  A research tool with social dialogue (for group builds) and engaging question types.  This tool is excellent for one-time interactions and robust data collection.

These are not the only tools that accomplish these tasks.  Try googling virtual tools if you want to find an exhaustive list!  However, these are the tools we are focusing on because we want to deliver the best experience and save you time.  The value we offer is never in the tool (just like it has never been in the flipcharts we use, or the stickies we provide).   The value we offer is in supporting and engaging your teams to achieve common objectives.   We love bringing people together.  We are passionate about collectively driving meaningful change. 

If you want to stop learning new tools and want to continue to engage your teams, we can help.

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