If you haven’t read HBR’s recent article “Elements of Good Judgement” it has some great insights.

Over decades of working with Leaders as an Executive Coach, I have found the best ones do them intuitively, having learned the techniques in a Coaching or Mentoring environment.  Such as…

  • Smart Leaders demand quality rather than quantity in what gets to them.
  • People with good judgement are skeptical of information that does not make sense.

And the one I absolutely like is…

  • Smart Leaders don’t accept that the choices presented to them are all that there is.

In this VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), I believe we all can and need to get better at exercising good judgement.

Enjoy the read, I know you will pick up at least one good idea.

Phil Drouillard
Lighthouse NINE Group

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