Contributing to the FCPC HR Insights Forum

I had the opportunity last week to speak at the (FCPC) HR Insights forum, a great action-packed forum for HR leaders.   For me, it felt like two worlds being brought together.  Most of my career has been with the sales side of the food and consumer industry and I continue to work with clients in that space, but my exposure to the human capital side of the business has been more recent.  The session allowed me to hear from HR professionals about the challenges they are facing in a complex market place.  I was able to learn from Four Corners Group (our strategic partner) about how to attract top talent and how to ensure diversity and inclusion within the recruitment process.

I was excited to share with the group how we at Lighthouse Nine work with clients to create a culture of inclusion.  I borrowed from concepts that both Cindy McNicol and Kim Rowan (Lighthouse Nine Partners) have been using for decades to help our clients make this shift.  One key learning for me has been that “Culture” isn’t the big, unwieldy beast I first imagined. Culture felt like something that was nearly impossible to change but I have learned that when you break it down into the values we share, and more importantly, to the behaviours that we hold one another accountable to (both those that we will do and will try to avoid), it becomes more manageable.

Culture Change is Possible

The session ended with Greg Smith engaging the HR leaders in how they can help lead this cultural transformation.  He shared his practical tips on how to create belonging and safe, brave spaces for new recruits.  It was a great reminder of the individual impact we can have on making employees feel welcome and supported. 

If you want to hear more about the work we do to create inclusive cultures that drive engagement and keep people motivated in their roles, please reach out to us.

Christi Scarrow, Partner
Lighthouse NINE Group

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