people-1651512_1920‘Jim Hamerling said in his Ted Talk “5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change” that this was the era of ‘always-on transformation’. We continue to hear organizations talk about ‘too many initiatives’, ‘change fatigue’, ‘the Head Office is not listening’, and ‘this is just a downsizing being called a transformation’. As Jim observes ‘always-on transformation’ sounds exhausting.

How can we make transformation, which should be about winning something (customers, initiatives to drive growth, actions that change investment etc), motivating and uplifting for the teams that are charged with delivering?

Strategy research points to the fact that emotional connection with strategy produces discretionary effort and superior discretionary effort produce superior results.

Change is about putting people first, improving organizational performance through people.

Hamerling goes on to say there are five principles of successful transformation:

  1. Inspire through purpose – strategy has to connect with your teams emotionally
  2. Go all in – without commitment and discretionary effort, your transformation is just another project for your teams
  3. Equip the people with the capabilities to succeed in the long term – so they can build successful teams
  4. Instil a culture of continuous learning – a growth mindset to create winning teams
  5. Create inclusive leadership through a clear vision, roadmap with milestones and hold people accountable for results – to build long-term success for your teams, through focus and accountability

Listening to your teams, implementing their recommendations and then giving them the credit for success is often talked about but does your organization really do this? Does it over-do this?

In our experience, people-centric cultures do 1-4 really well but often fall short on holding the team accountable for results. Results-centric cultures often fail to implement 1-4 successfully, distancing people and their development from the results.

In successful organizations in the future, it is going to be vital to implement the 5 principles of ‘putting people first’ with equal weighting in order to drive long-term organizational success. To address ‘always on transformation’ successfully.

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