A friend just shared with me a recent Sinek ‘IQ Millennials Question’ youtube clip that was very thought provoking.

As I thought about Sinek’s call to action, for individuals and corporations to better understand an often-misunderstood generation, I reflected upon my personal culture/leadership philosophy. One which I believe within companies should be modelled by senior leaders and can be initiated by each of us individually.

My belief is that individuals and companies are most fulfilled and successful when they focus on the 3 B’s: Being, Belonging and Becoming.

‘Being’ (it starts with us) is about knowing yourself, valuing yourself and declaring who you are. This is a critical first step that enables confidence, courage, and curiosity which are foundational in the best relationships. If you don’t value yourself it is really hard to value others.

‘Belonging‘ (it isn’t just about us) is about knowing each other, valuing each other and leveraging each other’s gifts. Sinek shares that relationship building takes time, is sometimes bumpy but through the positive intentions of being curious, vulnerable, courageous and patient, wonderful results can occur. Many studies have demonstrated that the greatest advancements happen in the ‘in between’, through a willingness to share, collaborate and trust each other.

‘Becoming’ (we create amazing things through us) is all about shared purpose, aligned work, shared accountability and celebration. We all have read about organizations that just seem to ‘flow’ and at times may have personally experienced a work-relationship where our shared values and purpose, combined with our different strengths delivered accelerated growth and success. When we are on the path to ‘Being’ (it is a marathon, not a sprint) and experience the joy of ‘Belonging’ (also a longer journey) we begin to recognize the possibilities within ‘Becoming’.

As it relates to Sinek’s talk, which deeply resonated with me, imagine the opportunity each of us has, individually and as organizations, to release the potential of all team members of all generations. Like the ripple created by one pebble into a pond ‘it begins with you’, ‘it isn’t just about you’ and we have an opportunity to ‘create amazing things through us’. As I close I think that maybe there is another ‘B’ that is key to initiating this transformation and that is ‘Believe’. When we ‘Believe’ in ourselves and the power and value of community it ignites the potential that is released when we come together.

Lighthouse NINE was founded upon the belief that new possibilities are released by increasing people’s confidence and unlocking unexpected potential. As ‘trusted advisors’ our greatest achievement is reached when individuals, teams and organizations truly believe and are able to achieve meaningful impact through themselves and others.

Imagine the opportunities and start your journey with Lighthouse NINE Group.

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