I have been asked this question many times in my career and I have never been able to answer it with absolute certainty – until now! Analytical thinking is both a process AND a mindset. Can we shape how we think about things? Of course, we can. Can we adopt processes to enhance the way we do things? Of course, we can. Is it easy? Absolutely not.

Shaping the way we thinkAnalytical thinking is about asking the ‘right’ questions. It is about posing theories and testing those theories. It is about telling a story with data to drive action and results. We do it every day to some extent but like anything, it takes practice and patience to execute effectively.

In business and with the continued evolution of ‘big data’, analytical problem solving will become an even more important skill to develop. More than just finding ways to simplify the data we see every day, it will become more necessary to focus skill development on identifying the insights (and supporting actions) from this data.

‘Data’ comes in many forms and the analytical processes in place must allow the user to think differently depending on the objective. Am I using data to understand the opportunities in my business, the shopping behaviour of my consumer, the engagement of my workforce? Coupled with the right analytical process, this data can help drive the right strategies, the right execution and drive growth.

Is your data telling the story you want to tell?

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