Lighthouse NINE Group Announces the Appointment of a New Partner


Drew Munro joins Lighthouse NINE Group on 1st June, to head up their Growth & Brands Practice.  He will also serve clients in the areas of Change Management, Strategy & Alignment, Sales Force Effectiveness & Accountability and High Performance Teams.

Drew’s career has included leadership positions in Canada, US, UK, Europe and Australasia at Beam Suntory, Grupo Modelo and Molson Coors. With a background in Brands Marketing (Client and Agency), he grew into increasingly senior commercial and multi-geography roles, having served as a General Manager, VP and President.

Drew has worked in 36 countries in direct to consumer, business to business, 2 and 3 tier business models and as a brand owner, distributor and joint venture partner with global, regional and local customer partners.

Drew embraces the challenge of transforming organizations and challenging conventional thinking. This mindset is very consistent with the Lighthouse NINE belief that strategies for growth are multi-disciplinary and require alignment & collaboration. By harnessing the breadth and depth of the Lighthouse NINE Group’s experiences organizations can simplify challenges, build partnerships, focus action and deliver outstanding results.

Lighthouse NINE Group’s focus is on Improving Organizational Performance through People.

All the partners of Lighthouse NINE have embraced Drew and welcome him to the team.

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