Time for Change

The demands of the marketplace and the pace change in organizations is accelerating at an astounding rate. If you are working, you can really see it and feel this.

Much has been written about change management yet since 1995, research has repeatedly shown that 50-70% of change initiatives fail. Business leaders are struggling to affect real change.

Change is a dynamic process with its own set of demands and while change management processes, tools and techniques can minimize disruptions and reduce resistance to change, there is a different mindset required to lead change authentically.

In our recent white paper “Leading Change” we look at the 5 most common obstacles that leaders face while trying to make real change happen and put in place 6 tips for change leaders to overcome these barriers to success.Time for ChangeTime for Change

Biggest mistakes leaders make when trying to make change happen:

  1. Failing to remain visible and engaged
  2. Failing to demonstrate support for the change in words and actions
  3. Failing to communicate effectively about the need for change
  4. Ignoring the people side of the change
  5. Delegating or abdicating the role of the Leader

“Change brings opportunity” but it’s messy and complex. The fear of the unknown during transition
can be paralyzing even in the best of circumstances. Each initiative is unique, without a one-size-fits-all
approach that will work every time.

In today’s organizations, business leaders are struggling to affect real change that sticks. With a
commitment to be actively and visibly engaged in your essential role, with the right team, mindset and a burning ambition to be better, you’ll always end up closer to that desired future state.

We acknowledge while the scarcest resource of all within an organization is the leader’s time, it is the most essential part of the equation to making real change happen.

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