The clarion call is loud and clear, “as talent becomes the primary source of competitive advantage, companies must excel at attracting, developing and retaining the talent they need”.  And the good news is… corporate universities are emerging as a major vehicle to confront shrinking talent pools. Corporate Universities: An Engine for Human Capital

We recently completed a research review of Corporate Universities. One of the key findings, regarding the design of learning experiences, was that best practice companies recommended a managed ‘end to end’ process that blended virtual and face to face learning at all junctures – before during and after the program.  This blended approach provides efficiency in time and budget. Given this, we believe there are five (5) focus areas where Corporate Universities should be asking questions and building capability, in order to add value to their businesses.

Those focus areas and questions are as follows:

  1. New Practices in Learning Design
  • What are the trends in learning & “blended” learning that are relevant to your business?
  • What are innovative practices in design & experiential learning would accelerate your companies learning?
  1. Integrating the New Wave Technologies into Learning
  • What are the trends in building and delivering “content” virtually that you have not yet embraced?
  • How do you increase the breadth, effectiveness and ROI of virtual learning?
  1. Post – Program Support Arena
  • What methods of post program support best transfer learning to the job that you have or are seeking to implement?
  • What approaches accelerate productivity & “learning by experience” on the job in your organization?
  1. Enhancing Productivity in the Learning Advisor Role
  • What knowledge, mindsets and skills are critical for learning advisors to be seen as a valued partnership with your business?
  1. Next Generation Corporate Universities
  • What are best practices in corporate universities that provide valued perspective for the next generation?

If you would like more information on any of these five focus areas or how you might incorporate the leading edge practices associated with these areas please contact Lighthouse NINE Group.


Written in collaboration with Marnie Smith

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