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Everything Happens In-between

“The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is a reaction, both are transformed” C. J. Jung Over the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people in some incredible companies. As I reflect on my work and personal experiences I believe the most essential ingredient to success

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The I/We Ratio: Listen Carefully

I’m often amazed and almost always disappointed when I hear leaders speak with a vocabulary peppered by more than its fair share of I/Me/My. What I’m really listening for, are leaders who speak using the words We/They/Our. If you hear a leader who uses those phrases, my experience suggests you will also find a highly effective individual, being rewarded with an above

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Leadership in a Disruptive World

It’s been frequently noted that the Chinese symbol for crisis is composed of two components; one represents danger and the other opportunity. In today’s highly disrupted world can there be no more appropriate symbol of our times? To paraphrase the great Charles Dickens, the modern business environment might best be characterized as “it was the best of times, it was

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The Coming Technological Disruption and What to Do

A convergence of advancements will cause extensive disruption to business-as-usual; no industry will be spared the effects of what is coming; and, what is coming, is coming fast. “The train has already left the station.” This was the reply to my point that 40% employment attrition from rapid technological advancements would cause upheaval greater than the Industrial Revolution ushered into

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Are You Humble Enough To Lead

We have all been in those meetings, with those people who have the ‘data point’ nobody else has, those individuals that have prepared the answers to 100 questions in case 2 are asked. The ‘knowledge is power’ meetings”. This type of culture results in inherently political and self-serving behavior unless the knowledge is harnessed for the benefit of creating a high performing

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Think You Are Good at Delegating? Take this Quiz

If you Google “Why is delegation important?” you will get over 11 million hits.  Everyone knows that delegation is important. Delegating is a great way of encouraging your team members to develop themselves and for you to develop coaching and mentoring skills.  Delegation enhances the empowerment of employees. It is critical to the success of any leader and any organization.

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Customized Leadership Development

Customized Leadership Development is More Effective and Cheaper Than You Think  Recently, I was speaking with an organizational leader who wanted my opinion on which way to go with his training, buy an off-the- shelf training solution or build a custom development program?  Interesting question, right? I was about to provide my perspective when he went on to share that

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What Role Do You Play in Developing Talent?

We work with a lot of organizations who are focused on developing their talent.  Many leaders see this as ‘promoting’ talent; boosting your best performers up to the next rung on the ladder.  Undoubtedly this is important, and we know that it is a desirable outcome, but what if there are not enough rungs on the ladder?  What if the

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The Best Leaders Know How to be Consistent and Flexible

Recently my colleague and I were hosting a one week Leadership Development program for a client where we were speaking to the new leaders on the importance of being both consistent and flexible. These leaders found this notion confusing at first, and concerned about how to live this within their own leadership brand. The question they had for us was how

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Think You Want a Culture of Accountability?

So you think you want a culture of accountability? Well that’s great! There is a significant amount of evidence that organizations with accountable people have higher engagement and performance; simply Google “link between accountability and performance” and you will have over 100,000 articles to validate this point. But let’s assume your “gut” instinct is already there, and the promise of

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